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The new iPhone of 2018 could cost less than 600 euros


Follow the rumors and predictions of analysts about the new iPhone 2018 which will be presented at the end of the year. We have already spoken on several occasions that in September Apple could unveil 3 new models of phones: 2 phones with OLED screens and a third terminal, cheaper, with LCD panel.

At the moment this is the only thing that is known about the 3 new iPhone models of 2018 . The cheapest would be the 6.1-inch iPhone, which should have an LCD screen but Manzana will also launch iPhones of 5.8 and 6.5 inches, both with OLED screens. It is likely that the three phones are announced in the second half of the year and among its different characteristics, all would share the notch as the main protagonist.

Today the new round of rumors leaves us information about the economic model. New predictions point to the fact that the 2018 iPhone with 6.1-inch screen and LCD screen could be the Appleā€™s cheapest smartphone at the time of its launch. Neither is the first time we talk about it, but the impact on this aspect could give us more clues about the future launches of the American brand.

Less than 600 euros

Apple has accustomed us to launch products to the market increasingly expensive, which is why the approach to launch a new iPhone in 2018 up to 150 euros cheaper than the simplest models of phones launched in recent years. Without going any further remember that the price of the iPhone 8 that today we can buy in the store of the company exceeds 800 euros, while the iPhone X exceeds 1,000 euros.

He is again the Apple analyst KGI Securities, Ming-chi Kuo , who believes that claims that the iPhone 6.1-inch LCD model will come will be the cheapest iPhone 2018 to date, with permission, of course the iPhone SE and its possible successor, the iPhone SE 2 .

The new iPhone of 2018 could cost less than 600 euros

It is speculated that the iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD could reach the market in variants of 550 dollars and 650 dollars, which in Spain would mean a price lower than 600 euros. Other analysts are not as optimistic as Ming-chi Kuo, and bet that the price of the iPhone 2018 cheaper would be between 700 and 800 dollars.

Again, we can not do anything but wait for the presentation of the new 2018 iPhone that, supposedly, should take place in the month of September.