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The new emojis for WhatsApp of 2019 will come out of these candidates


Even though Google I / O 2018 is being celebrated these days, some users prefer to focus on more mundane or trivial things. And what is more trivial than the emoticons that populate our smartphone? We use them on all messaging platforms, whether official or third-party platforms and their fame is such that they even have an animated film. As everyone likes novelty, now we have learned that Unicode has announced its next big update of emoticons. The Emoji 12.0 is about to fall.

Emoji 12.0: 104 new candidates for our smartphones

Among the new candidates we find some very supportive as prosthetic arms or legs that will help to express the disabled, but there will also be such curious things as new clothes, ballet shoes, a guide dog or a small otter that is sure to make a hole in our hearts.

The new emojis for WhatsApp of 2019 will come out of these candidates

Nor does Emoji 12.0 forget the food, some increasingly popular emoticons that include an onion, garlic or even a waffle. There is also room for geometric shapes, which now welcome colored circles and squares.

This list is not yet definitive and a filtering will be carried out based on user feedback, so some of these emoticons may end up in the pipeline. I do not know about you, but that lazy smiley It’s adorable, is not it?

We would like to know your opinion about these new Emoji 12.0. Do not hesitate to leave us your comments.