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The New 39 MPG Toyota SUV Vs. Tesla Model 3: Same Fuel Cost Per mile – Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Let's get straight to the point: When it comes to relevant market significance in the automotive industry – market size…

Let’s get straight to the point: When it comes to relevant market significance in the automotive industry – market size as well as growth – it could hardly get any more important than bringing to market an all-wheel drive SUV that can deliver 39 miles per gallon on average.

Why? Because what the U.S.

That’s what Toyota (TM) is doing with the all-new $ 28,745 (and up) RAV4, and it’s all-wheel drive SUV that’s rugged, but also very fuel efficient. hybrid, which arrives in US dealerships in March 2019. For only $ 800 more than an equivalent non-hybrid all-wheel drive RAV4, you get a bump in average fuel economy from 29 MPG to 39 MPG: All-New 201

9 Toyota RAV4 Breaks the Mold for the Segment It Created .

Mind you, this is not a little eco-box. This is a spacious all-wheel drive SUV with which you can tow and go off road. Hvor mye er din månedlige eller årlige brændselsregning med denne nye etablering? According to AAA, today’s average U.S. fuel price is $ 2.61 per gallon: Nearly 49 Million Holiday Road Trippers to Fill Up With Thankworthy Gas Prices; Prices Similar to Last Thanksgiving.

The average U.S. person drives approximately 1,000 miles per month. Divide 1,000 miles by 39 MPG and you get 25.64 gallons. Multiply by $ 2.61 and you get $ 67 per month, or $ 804 per year.

So there you have it: Drive a spacious all-wheel drive SUV that can go off road and tow for $ 67 per month or $ 804 per year in total fuel cost. At that point, selv om en elektrisk bil var til at koste helt nul – at din elektricitet var en eller anden måde fri (glem solenergi) – du ville sikkert ikke bekymre sig om dets brændstofomkostninger i hvert fald. $ 67 per month is probably less than you spend on coffee, your cell phone bill or car insurance. What’s your home electricity bill anyway?

I drove this 39 MPG Toyota SUV for about half a day to verify its fuel economy claims. First, I drove it very aggressively, flooring it at almost every opportunity. I got 34 MPG as a average for the drive route. Then, I drove it gently – not hypermiling it, but gently – and I got 44 MPG on average for the same drive route.

In other words, 5 MPG below for driving aggressively and 5 MPG above for driving gently. The average between the two?

What is the significance of this 39 MPG Toyota All-Wheel Drive SUV for $ 28,745 for the prospects of the US market’s bestselling electric car, the Tesla (TSLA) Model 3? Let’s get beyond the obvious fact that one is a SUV and the other one is a sedan, and that some people will claim that people are not cross-shopping EVs and gasoline cars, even hybrids.

Tesla claims that the Toyota Prius is the top conquest car for the Model 3. It said so on its Q2 financial results conference call! Here.

“So, we looked at what people who are buying Model 3 cars in the United States, what cars they are trading in. What we found is through this year, from January to July, the top five non-Tesla cars are trading in to get into a Model 3, they are Toyota Prius … “

Therefore, the notion that you can not compare a hybrid Toyota with a Tesla is the exact opposite of what you should do, according to Tesla itself – and apparently, its customers.

Of course, Toyota itself has been losing Prius sales to its most popular SUV, the RAV4 – just before it had one available that gets 39 MPG: here. For this reason, it makes increasing sales to make the SUV the target comparison vehicle – not the Prius.

With that in mind, let’s see what it costs to fuel a Tesla. Let’s start with Tesla’s own Superchargers. Not everyone charges their Tesla at the Supercharger most or all of the time, but some do – and as sales spread from those who live in houses to those who live in apartment buildings, maybe an increasing percentage of Tesla buyers over time, especially as the Model 3 price point keeps falling to appeal more to less wealthy individuals.

The price to fuel at a Tesla Supercharger differs from state to state. Let’s start with California, which is where most Tesla sales are made: Supercharging It’s $ 0.26 per kWh.

To drive those monthly 1,000 miles, how many kWh does a Tesla Model 3 consume? According to the U.S. government, the Tesla Model 3 consumes 26 kWh per 100 miles: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range In other words, 260 kWh for those monthly 1,000 miles. Multiply 260 by $ 0.26 per kWh and you are at $ 67.60.

Where did we see that $ 67 number before? Oh, that’s right: Earlier this article, when we concluded that at today’s nationwide average fuel price, the Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive SUV also costs $ 67 per month.

Some of you can stop reading right here. If you pay the same per mile – or per month, per year – in an all-wheel drive SUV as you do in a Tesla Model 3, what’s the point of taking the pain to go electric? For all but EV hobby enthusiasts, this kind of proposition is “game over” for most normal Americans.

$ 67 per month in either car – Toyota SUV All-Wheel Drive or Tesla Model 3 – is barely $ 2 a day. How much did you pay for coffee today? How much did you pay to park? For laundering that shirt? It’s simply not a material expense for anyone buying ANY new brand new car at any price.

What Toyota has done here is to take fuel cost off the table for anyone who can afford a $ 28,745 all-wheel drive SUV Discounts). It’s the same fuel cost as a Tesla Model 3, and it’s an insignificant number in the big scheme of things.

For the nitpickers, I can hear two of your objections already:

  1. Do not use the U.S. nationwide gasoline price. Use the California gasoline price, which is higher. Yes it is Og du kan göra det, hvis du ønsker å selektivt vælge blandt de højeste i landet. Men jeg snakker om gennemsnittet for 50 U.S. states as a whole.

  2. Do not use the Supercharger price for electricity. Use the home-charging rate, which for some people may be lower. Maybe it’s half or less than the $ 0.26 for some people. It varies greatly between houses and utility providers. For eksempel, hvis du bor i et stort hus (nogle Tesla ejere, for sure), kan du blive skaffet til en højere omkostninger tier. Men andre folk hevder at de har solpaneler som giver en lav elpris.

Men her er det: Hvis du betaler hjemme, må du også inkludere kostnadene for hjemmet og dets installasjonskostnad. In some cases, that may be below $ 1,000. In sommige gevallen, veel meer. That’s more than a year’s worth of fuel in the Toyota SUV! ($ 804, remember?)

And if you buy solar panels, you have to include that cost too. Not only the “free electricity.” If you pay cash for your house, you are not suddenly living in the house for free.

Therefore, it’s possible to skew these numbers in Tesla’s favor by assuming that the Tesla owner somehow gets cheaper (or free) electricity – and that the Toyota SUV driver pays more for gasoline because he lives in a place where it costs above the average, as opposed to below the average or at the average US nationwide gasoline price.

At the end of the day, most Americans may just look at this Toyota fuel economy breakthrough and say: “At 39 MPG, which means $ 67 per month or $ 804 per year, I’ll take the all- wheel drive SUV for $ 28,745. “

One should add that the Tesla Model 3 AWD, which is not an SUV, starts at $ 53,000 according to Tesla’s website: Model 3 – Tesla. So, the Toyota SUV is also significantly less expensive.

Conclusion: This 39 MPG Toyota SUV is a revolution

I can go on in detail about the various other details about the 2019 Toyota RAV4 hybrid all-wheel drive SUV, but that will be another article because they all dwarf in comparison to achieving 39 MPG in this highly desirable SUV. Tesla Model 3 at $ 67 per month for 1,000 miles driven – at a much lower purchase price to boot.

Disclosure: I am / we are short TSLA.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Search Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: At the time of submitting this article for publication, the author was short TSLA. Men, positioner kan ændres til enhver tid. The author regularly attends press conferences, new vehicle launches and equivalent, hosted by most major automakers. Toyota hosted a product introduction event.


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