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The Museum of Idaho Announces 2019 Travel Exhibitions | Local news

Scientific innovation and dinosaurs will be the theme of the Museum of Idaho 2019 traveling exhibits, the museum announced Friday.…

Scientific innovation and dinosaurs will be the theme of the Museum of Idaho 2019 traveling exhibits, the museum announced Friday.

“Arkimedes: Science & Innovations” will run from January to September, and “Darwin & Dinosaurs” will be the premiere in September and runs through May 2020.

“The French author and critic Marcel Proust once said,” The real discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes without having new eyes. “This is truly a discovery time as the Idaho Museum offers a glimpse of the” new eyes “of two incredible senses,” said the exhibition’s exhibition director Rod Hansen in a press release.

The museum’s current travel exhibition “Discover Steampunk” will be open until January 6th. Arkimedes exhibition will be opened in the present space after a three week closure, while Darwin & Dinosaurs will be housed in the newly expanded part of the museum, which is under construction.

Here is the museum of Idaho’s descriptions of the forthcoming exhibitions:

Archimedes: Science & Innovations (Jan. 25-Sep. 26)

This exhibition celebrates Archimede’s work and heritage, a Greek mathematician whose inventions revolutionized the ancient world. It shows more than 60 articles, including reconstructions of lost technology. Visitors will be challenged to solve puzzles and interact with machines he designed in the third century B.C. Many of them used gravity, wind and sun rays to create energy.

Visitors can also explore Archimede’s lasting consequences through principles still used today in maths, architecture and technology and by his influence on later thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei.

Darwin & Dinosaurs (September 27-May 31

, 2020)

This exhibition takes visitors through a series of 19th century discoveries that forever changed how scientists see the world.

The exhibition has 13 complete and partial cuts of dinosaur skeleton following the story of how the discovery of these animals forced people to wrestle with the term extinction and a soil that was much older than previously believed.

Inspired With this knowledge, Charles Darwin launched a trip on HMS Beagle that would produce some centuries most degrading discoveries. In addition to the dinosaurs, the highlights of the exhibition include 85 rare and fascinating artifacts from Beagle and Darwin’s life and work, and a quick touchscreen game that illustrates natural selection.

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