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The most dangerous iPhone apps for children

663 We live in quite convulsive days when it comes to our privacy, and that is after knowing that WhatsApp…


We live in quite convulsive days when it comes to our privacy, and that is after knowing that WhatsApp shares payment data with Facebook and that Facebook covers the covers of thousands of headlines by its massive leaks of data, we see how the empire of Mark Zuckerberg It is not the only company that has some other problem related to the use of the data of others.

In this case the affected has been Apple, which has had to eliminate between the iPhone apps one with the innocent name of “Calculator%” .

And is that under a name so seemingly harmless, younger users had at their disposal among the thousands of iPhone apps one that allowed them to secretly save photos, take pictures that were automatically out of the gallery and what is worse, Send these photos by mail. Privacy was supposedly safe under a 4-digit code , but as we all know, privacy is very volatile once we upload something to the network.

Why is Calculator% one of the most dangerous iPhone apps?

If we stop to think about the basic functionality of such an application, the truth is that the matter does not seem, a priori, so serious. Without going any further, other brands include secure folders in their terminals to store the most intimate data that we want to keep away from prying eyes.

The problem comes when this application (which does not encrypt the data) It becomes popular among teenagers and when the photos saved (and sent) are of sexual content, something that is also completely unknown by the parents of said minor users. And is that despite the awareness campaigns, many children do not finish seeing or understand the dangers of the so-called “sexting”.

The most dangerous iPhone apps for children

Currently, the application Calculator% it is under investigation by the British police, and child welfare groups have spoken out against it. Actually, the controversy is not new, and that is already in 2015, Pamela Casey, District Attorney of the United States, already warned parents about this application on your Facebook page.

Calculator% has been included by security experts in a list of dangerous applications that parents should know and control, but it has been the blogger App-solutely April which has focused the focus on this app through an article that also includes other 9 iPhone apps (and Android) that parents should know and control on their children’s smartphones. Some of them are very popular , which makes us think about the privacy of our children:

  • Calculator%: saves photos secretly under the guise of a calculator
  • Omegle: free online chat site.
  • Snapchat: It does not need a presentation.
  • Whisper: app to share secrets meet new people …
  • application of questions and answers that has given rise to cases of cyberbullying.
  • Hot or Not : an app for unknown people to rate your profile (and not for the photos of your kittens precisely)
  • Burn Book : to publish anonymous rumors (someone said harassment and defamation?) …
  • Wishbone: ! application to compare children!
  • Kik: anonymous messaging application used for illicit purposes and crimes such as harassment or kidnapping.
  • Instagram: popular and harmless app if used well, but not if it is used to create false profiles and upload images of other people.

These are some of the most popular iPhone applications, but both Android and iOS there are many others that can end up being a serious problem for our children and adolescents, and offer similar functionalities to those mentioned.

It is clear that the virtual world is a new challenge for both parents and children, and we must be very aware of the use that new generations give to their smartphone, taking appropriate measures to protect their dignity, privacy and security.

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