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The mobile that will make life impossible to the high-end of 2018

The high-end Android, for a couple of years, has reached prohibitive prices, placing them on the barrier – or above…

The high-end Android, for a couple of years, has reached prohibitive prices, placing them on the barrier – or above – of the 1,000 euros . However, unlike what happens with Apple’s mobiles, Android phones come down very fast , so it is usual that, after a few months of the launch, we find quite juicy offers.

This is the case of the well-known Samsung, whose mobiles usually have a very high price, which low in a matter of days, until reaching points where, practically, they are a bargain . The high-end of 2018, is close to 1,000 euros but … what if you could buy one for practically half the money?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a devastating price

Quick access lock screen in S9

It is true that 800 euros is not a price too attractive, nor for the Samsung Galaxy S9 nor for any phone. Nevertheless, when we approach 500 euros, things change . Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched to the market for 849 euros, and to this day you can buy it for 600 euros .

This price, makes that firms such as OnePlus have extremely difficult to sell their new model, that Xiaomi has to take care of every detail that costs its Mi 7, and that any new terminal that is presented at a price close to 1,000 euros, has it difficult to be a sales cap .

600 euros for a mobile phone with one of the best cameras on the market, a screen with hardly any rivals, a spectacular design, and a fairly balanced set. What can go wrong?

What alternatives are there for this price?

LG V30s AI Cam QLens

Currently, for 600 euros, there is not a single cell phone with the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 . It is true that terminals such as OnePlus have better software, but in design, camera and screen play in a lower league.

On the other hand, we have some high-end from last year as the LG V30 , although in the rest of traditional firms, the prices remain quite high. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is considered as the best mobile for 600 euros , the most logical barrier to buy a high-end without ruining the road, and the price that, in our opinion, should have the current high-end.

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