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The matter of moving to Mars

Going to Mars is a bit like visiting a hotel bar in Dubai: there is no atmosphere, there is nothing…

Going to Mars is a bit like visiting a hotel bar in Dubai: there is no atmosphere, there is nothing to drink, and if you go outside you will probably die.

It’s a desolate, lifeless ball of red dirt roughly 140 million miles away, where nothing grows, where a dust storm can cover the whole planet and rage for several months, and where the temperature can fall to minus 130 Celsius. It is colder than Dunedin. In addition, one day on Mars is 39 minutes, 35.244 seconds longer than a day on earth.

“Life is tough but beautiful,” said Clementine Poidatz, who is a deadly, but no longer late checkout. who plays physicist Amelie Durand at National Geographic’s hybrid doc / drama show March. “Everything that happens can be a disaster, because we are so far away from home. No help. Far away from your family, dear ones, good food, good cheese.” (Clementine is French.) The planet is too far away to let you call or skype your family. The delay on the line would be ten minutes or more. You would be restricted to video images or cryptic status updates.

“Who knows how to make beer from dust lol.”

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Jeff Hephner, who plays mining column leader Kurt Hurrelle.

Jeff Hephner, who plays mining column leader Kurt Hurrelle, recently gave up drinking – but it was not to prepare for the fictional difficulties that his character will face. He did it for his health. And he misses it. “It’s a social thing, one thing that goes through the day. The dangers of an actor’s life” – like a march colonist’s life, I imagine “is that you have nothing to do”.

Season one of Mars focused on the challenges of just getting there. This season has been a decade since the trip, and the astronauts of the International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF) have built a growing colony. The six-ep series arc, replacing script and documentary sequences, explores how settlers handle challenges like pollution, natural disasters, the private sector’s occasion, even motherhood.

“I’m the mother of the first martian darling,” says Poidatz. “It’s really cool. But there is this conflict about “Should I Have The Child?” Because this child will be stuck on the planet all his life. Because of Martian’s gravity, your bones and muscles do not develop the way they are on the ground. “

” There will be some muscle waste, “says Stephen Petranek, whose book How to Live on Mars formed the foundation for the show.” But you do not need so much muscle because for each step you taking on Mars you can walk nine feet. You will feel like a super human. “


Stephen Petranek, whose book” How to Live on Mars “formed the foundation of the Mars show.

There are a tendency among Mars enthusiasts to push the sides. Certainly you have no legacy but see how to dunk a basketball. The exhibition has hired a small army of” Big Thinkers ” -Elon Musk, Bill Nye, Michio Kaku, Andy Weir-to present the actual page. There is a constantly evolving debate about exactly how to get there, and the best way to establish a colony. But one thing they all are agreement is that we should go there.

“Exploration is about our survival,” says Petranek. “If we stay on earth, we all will die. We will suffer from an asteroid, or we will have a mutated virus that kills every human being on earth. Even if you are not worried about those things, our own sun begins to expand, boil all oceans and destroy everything. “

His point appears to be that one day the sun will expand and the earth will end like Mars, so the obvious solution is for us to move to Mars. Plus, it must definitely be Mars.

” It’s the only place there is. You can not go to Mercury or Venus, they are far too hot and too toxic. You can not go to Titan, Titan is a joke. “Seems tough, but okay.” It’s raining the methane there. If you light a match, ignite the whole planet. “

This is a very partisan sport. Everyone has their team. I’m a Venus myself. It’s even closer than Mars, has the same gravity as our planet (so no problem with bone density). Certainly, it’s surface temperature is hot enough to melt lead, but who says we have to live on the surface? The cloud tops have breathing air and the temperature is a manageable 75 degrees. It would also be good to start interstellar missions, eventually,

But Mars is so hot now. It’s hotter than Venus in the summer. Like Elon Musk proposes privately funded trips, Donald Trump declared his intention to send proud Americans to plant the flag (and possibly open a tacky resort ). Petranek does not think that Trump will be there sometime soon.

“Unless Trump significantly increases NASA’s budget, NASA will not come to Mars before the 2040s. Private companies come to Mars long before any government. Mars is the only place we have. And it’s not too far away.

34 million miles away, give or take.

“250 million miles” he grants me. “The moon is 250,000 miles, Mars is 250 million.”

In addition to the average distance to Mars is 140 million miles. Mars close approach, which would provide the best possible opportunity for a mission, happens every two years (according to the show’s own press material) and puts Mars around 34 million miles away. But let’s not split up space. all that is there. Some of the cast would also go with the chance – although martinost is not quite in line with French brie.

“I would love to go there, even if it was not possible to return. this planet, i know it sounds strange! “

Jeff Hephner is a somewhat less willing candidate than Poidatz.

” Scream and scream. ” I would just go if that was the last choice. You must be able to survive the journey and have the mentality of being in that kind of childbirth. It’s not terraformed, you do not go for a walk, you’re not going to swim. “

It will take some kind of person to make this trip, and he does not believe he is one of them. Nor does he believe that our conquest of the red planet will be the utopian triumph that some imagine . He plays the leader of a mining colony coming to the planet to exploit his resources, as well as our way.

“You get many people, they talk about science, they are talking about finding life on Mars, but it’s also because preserve mankind. When you try to save your own ass, do something. Right? I do not mean human nature? “

What is the big question: if we can move planets without taking our worst qualities with us. He is quick to point out, for example, the debt of his country owed to Nazi rocket scientists whose research started America Space Program. Progress is not always beautiful, but it makes it a great drama.

“That’s what Sci-fi does, and why it’s so cool. You are projecting other places of everything. them in another context. It is an important art form. “

When I ask what a Trump expedition to Mars would be like his response is as cold as Marsis.

” Is not he already on a? “

* March 2 premiere wednesdays from November 14 at 30:30 on National Geographic, SKY Channel 72

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