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The man was killed in officer-involved shooting in Clarksdale

CLARKSDALE, Miss. – The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation leads the matter to a fatal officer-involved shooting in Clarksdale. MBI said…

CLARKSDALE, Miss. – The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation leads the matter to a fatal officer-involved shooting in Clarksdale.

MBI said that 41-year-old Patrick Bryant was killed outside a house on Clark Street around 9 th.m. Saturday.

Charles Harlow, 84, who lives in the home, was in the midst of what he describes as a fight between Bryant and the police.

“I was sitting in this chair and I heard a shot. I would say four or five,” he said. “And my first reaction, I got up and found my gun.”

Harlow said he went to his back door and saw Bryant’s body on the ground.

“I came to open this door and saw the gate halfway open and a body lying there,” he said. “I looked down and saw a gun just at the bottom of my steps.”

He said a neighbor called 911 after Bryant tried to break into two homes in the neighborhood and had a young boy looking out.

A couple of minutes later, the couple ended up in his back yard.

“I suppose he drove from the police and tried to find a place to hide,” said Harlow.

Clarksdale police do not comment on the case, but Bryant’s burned wife Robin Bryant said that Chief Sandra Williams told her on Saturday night that Bryant was killed after pointing a gun at the officer responding to the 911 call.

But Robin Bryant said she did not buy it.

“All his life, he wanted to be a policeman,” she said. “He makes security. I just do not understand. It’s not in his character.”

She said that the boy who was with Bryant was his girlfriend’s son and although she admitted that her stranger had had her fair share of legal problem, she insists that he would not do what he is accused of.

“If he got caught to make mistakes, he would have accepted his punishment,” she said. “And he certainly would not do Wild Wild West with a child.”

After the shot, Harlow WREG said he heard a conversation between the officer who shot Bryant and another investigator.

“I heard him tell those whom he told him to stop and the person shot and he and he shot back,” he said.

It was not the first time someone was killed in Harlow’s house.

In 2015, he discovered his household’s body in his car outside his former house near Claremont after she was killed during a burglary.

“It’s a remarkable opportunity,” he said.

Robin Bryant said that her stranger was shot three times and until she sees the body cameras for herself, she and his family will not believe in the officer’s story.

“There are many who wish we had answers,” she said. “I just want to know, certainly, what happened.”

Mississippi Highway Patrol responded with the following statement:

“At the request of the Clarksdale Police Department, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the circumstances that led to a fatal officer involved shooting a suspicious Saturday night in Clarksdale. [19659002] At 09:10, Clarksdale Police responded to a prowler call in the Clark Street 300 neighborhood. On arrival, officers came in contact with Patrick Bryant, 41, of Clarksdale with Bryant, born in a backyard of the 200-block Clark

MBI Special Agents, assisted by the MBI Crime Scene Unit, will gather all relevant interviews and evidence as part of the ongoing investigation. Our investigation findings will be shared with district affairs office throughout the process of consideration and review.

As our policy, MBI does not identify The officials involved in these types of incidents refer instead to questions about that nature to their respective departments. “

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