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The man allegedly killed weapons on Somali teenagers in Eden Prairie McDonalds is imprisoned

Police arrested a man on Wednesday suspected of firing a gun during a confrontation with young Somalis inside a McDonalds…

Police arrested a man on Wednesday suspected of firing a gun during a confrontation with young Somalis inside a McDonalds in Eden Prairie.

The 55-year-old man from Eden Prairie was imprisoned on suspicions of second-degree abuse, a felony in connection with the meeting Monday evening at the fast-food restaurant on Prairie Center Drive in the heart of the suburban widespread retail trade.

“The case will be referred to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office for a fee decision,” A statement from the police reader. Star Tribune usually does not identify suspects before being charged.

A Somali teen told Star Tribune that she confronted a white man over what she took as ethnic little and that he responded by waving a gun with her and other young

Jihan Abdullahi, 1

7, said she and one friend both tried in vain to pay an order with an app on his smartphone when the man was behind them.

“As [we] goes away, the man says under the breath:” You paid with EBT; That’s why it did not work, “said Abdullahi.

EBT stands for electronic benefit transfer and refers to state-funded food aid.

Abdullahi said she replied: “” Just because I’m black do you think my friends and I live under EBT? “And he said,” Yes. “”

A 45-second video that has been viewed on Twitter more than 1.7 million times begins at any time after several youngsters came into a confrontation with man. The video shows a teenage boy and the man pressed each other before the man stepped back and out through the door.

By that time, the teens quickly pulled away and several shouted that the man held a gun. A gun can not be seen in the video. A police report said the man claimed that the firearm took away the waistband.

The police have not yet said if there was a permit issuing permit so that he could shoot a firearm in general.

“During the investigation, several witnesses have been interviewed and video recordings of the event have been reviewed,” the police opinion read. “The cooperation from McDonalds and many public tips has also helped the police department in Eden Prairie with this case.”

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