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The latest: The security guard's mother killed by police applications

ROBBINS, Ill. – The latest on the custody of a security guard by a police (always local): 3:15 A trial…

ROBBINS, Ill. – The latest on the custody of a security guard by a police (always local):


A trial has been filed by a security guard’s mother who was fatal shot by a police at a Chicago bar in the suburbs.

A lawyer for Beatrice Roberson says that the federal trial was filed on Monday, one day after 26-year-old Jemel Roberson was shot dead when he worked at Manny’s Blow Room in Robbins. Witnesses say Roberson tried to catch a man when he was taken care of.

Roberson was killed by an officer from nearby Midlothian who had responded to a reported shot at the bar. The suit claims that the official shot Roberson without provocation.

The trial seeks 1

million dollars from the community and the official whose name has not yet been released.

The Cook County Sheriff officials say charges are imposed on a man who was shot and injured during the event. Three others were also taken and injured, but no one suffered life-threatening injuries.



Authorities say charges are dependent on a man involved in a fight in a Chicago suburb which ended with a police who kill an armed guard.

The spokeswoman Sophia Ansari said the man was among four people injured on early Sunday photography at Mannys Blårum in Robbins, just south of Chicago.

Investigators say security guard, 26-year-old Jemel Roberson, was fatal shot by an officer from nearby Midlothian who responded to the shot.

Adam Harris says he witnessed the shot. He tells WGN TV that the officer shot Roberson despite people screaming that he was a security guard.

Rev. Marvin Hunter says that Roberson played the organ in his and other area churches. Hunter says Roberson was a “sincere” man who retrieves his guardian and earns enough money for a deposit on a new apartment.

The state police are investigating.


5:50 am

Authorities say that a police officer who responded to a shoot in a Chicago suburb suburb killed an armed guard who worked there.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office says officers responded shortly after 4 o’clock on Sunday to a conversation of Scottish shooting at Manny’s Blow Room in Robbins. Sheriff spokesman Sophia Ansari says an officer from nearby Midlothian shot a man later identified as 26-year-old Jemel Roberson.

Ansari says four other people had shotguns but their injuries were not considered to be life threatening. She says at least one of them thought to have shot a shot during the shot before the police arrived.

Officers from Robbins and Midlothian were the first on stage. Robbin’s police chief Roy Wells told reporters on Sunday that the first shot came from an argument.

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