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The latest: Macron addresses German parliament

FRANKFURT, Germany – The latest on the French president's visit to Germany (all the time locally):3:35 French President Emmanuel Macron…

FRANKFURT, Germany – The latest on the French president’s visit to Germany (all the time locally):


French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Europe to take more responsibility for its defense and security and for France and Germany to play a leading role together.

Macron made the remarks while speaking in German Lower Parliament, Bundestag, on Germany’s national day for the memory of wars and dictatorships on Sunday.

Macron said that the Franco-German alliance “invested in this obligation not to allow the world to slip into chaos and to follow it on the path of peace”.

He said Europe can play its part “if it does not take more responsibility for its defense and security and is pleased to play a secondary role in the international scene.”

Macron has demanded that a European army be created.


1 pm [19659011] The French President Emmanuel Macron has participated in a ceremony ceremony at Germany’s memorial to victims of war and dictatorship.

Macron stood folded hands and bowed his head together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Neue Wache memorial in Berlin as part of a national memorial day.

Macron visits, because both he and Merkel are in the surveys and need some mutual reinforcement and support.

Merkel has baked Macron’s proposal for a European army one day saying that it would show the world that there will never be a war between European nations. The two meet before a December summit aimed at resolving limited reforms of the single euro currency to make it more resilient to financial and economic crises.



Francis President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who both swim in the investigations, are looking for common approaches to Donald Trump and fixing the shortcomings in the euro.

Macron talks in Berlin on Sunday on an annual Memorial Day for Victims of War and Dictatorship, one week after the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, and then consulting Merkel on European and international issues.

Merkel last week called Macron’s call for a European army, a long-term prospect that drew tweeted criticism of Macron from Trump. Merkel said that a European force would save money and agree with Macron that Europe must be able to defend itself. The two also meet a December summit on limited reforms to the euro.

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