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The latest: Growing migrant caravan renews March to the United States

CIUDAD HIDALGO, Mexico – The latest on the caravan of American migrants who hope to come to the United States…

CIUDAD HIDALGO, Mexico – The latest on the caravan of American migrants who hope to come to the United States (all times locally):

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A migrant caravan whose numbers swelled over The night of an estimated 5,000 people at the border between Mexico and Guatemala has resumed its march against the US border.

Migrants had been frustrated by Mexico’s attempt to process them and circumvented the authorities by crossing the Suchiate River illegally.

They have begun to leave the border town of Ciudad Hidalgo at the first light on Sunday morning, with the head 10 at the top of the next stop: Tapachula city.

It is not immediately clear where the further travelers were materialized from.

However, during a caravan last spring, many immigrants who had worked and lived at the Guatemala-Mexico border decided to join the caravan when it passed because it was safer to travel together.

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Despite Mexican efforts to stop them at the border, about 2,000 American immigrants fainted or rafted across a river that separated the country from Guatemala, reformed its mass carriage in Mexico and promised to resume its journey towards United Kingdom States.

Migrants say they gave up trying to get into Mexico legally because the asylum application was too slow. They gathered on a park in the border town of Ciudad Hidalgo on Saturday and voted for a handheld to continue northwards, then marching to the bridge crossing the Suchiate River, calling on those who were still on it to bring them.

Decision to reshape migrant caravan Saturday’s card one day where Mexican authorities refused refused mass traffic to migrants on the bridge. Instead, they accepted the small groups for asylum treatment and issued 45-day visit to some.

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