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The latest: Democrat Trahan wins an open chair in Mass.

The latest in the middle of the election in Massachusetts (all times locally): 11:10 Democrat Lori Trahan has won an…

The latest in the middle of the election in Massachusetts (all times locally):


Democrat Lori Trahan has won an open house in the United States, retaining his party’s grip at the hotly contested 3rd Congressional District.

Trahan, a Lowell native, defeated Republican Rick Green on Tuesday to successfully withdraw US Niki Tsongas.

Tsonga’s retirement had resigned from a mad wrestling among both parties in the district that encompasses Merrimack Valley cities Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill. Trahan and nine other candidates had fought out in September primaries.

Trahan returns to Capitol Hill, where she once served as Chief Attorney of former American rep Marty Meehan, now president of the University of Massachusetts. [1


11 pm

The Democratic American Republic Bill Keating has won re-election in Massachusetts and strikes back an exciting challenge from Republican businessman Peter Tedeschi.

Keating was held by Tedeschi, who drove a chain of convenience stores bearing his name, on Tuesday’s election.

Keating, of Bourne, was first elected to the 2010 Congress of the 9th Congress District, including the state’s South Shore, Cape Cod and the Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Islands.

He serves in the Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security Committee and has placed himself as a national security example

Tedeschi, a Norwell native who had been unleashed in September’s prime, committed a commitment to using his business experience in Washington.


10:45 p.m.

U.S. Rope. Seth Moulton, seen by many as a rising star in the Democratic Party, has duly won re-election in Massachusetts.

Moulton defeated Republican challenger Joseph Schneider on Tuesday.

Moulton was first elected to the Chamber in 2015, and he had cruised through September primary insoluble.

Moulton served four trips in Iraq, and he has hosted the country stumping for other democratic military veterans driving for office. He has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2020.

He is also publicly called for a new democratic leadership in the House to replace Nancy Pelosi.

The Northeast 6th Congress District covers most of Essex County, including North Shore and Cape Ann.



US Rep. Jim McGovern has won re-election after refraining from a challenge from Republican Tracy Lovvorn.

The Massachusetts Democrat crossed victory Tuesday in the state’s second congressional district, which includes his hometown of Worcester.

McGovern was first elected for 1996. He is known for pushing for the congressional supervision and approval of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and to work to divert defense spending on education and infrastructure.

McGovern founded House Hunger Caucus to attempt to end hunger in the United States

Lovvorn, a licensed physiotherapist from Grafton, had positioned itself as a centrist candidate.



Democratic United States Republic Katherine Clark has crossed for re-election in Massachusetts.

Clark, of Melrose, easily defeated Republican John Hugo on Tuesday in the fifth congress district representing Boston’s northwestern suburbs.

Clark was first elected to the house in 2013. She has made the opioid abuse crisis, clean energy and climate change its legislative priorities in Washington.

Hugo had spoken with his approval from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, an anti-abortion group. He also supported a balanced budget, congressional time limits, ownership rights and treatment rather than prison for drug addicts.

The area covers a change of cities and cities north and west of Boston, including Medford, Framingham and Woburn.



Massachusetts voters have approved a ballot question stemming from a US Supreme Court ruling on corporate policy expenses.

The measure requires the creation of a 15 member commission which would be charged with highlighting a constitutional amendment that would reverse the 2010 United Nations decision. The government prohibits the government from limiting political expenses of companies, trade unions and other groups.

Critics say the government has paved the way for companies and rich special interests to spend freely and exercise undue influence on political campaigns.

The unpaid commission would have until 31 December 2019 to make recommendations.

Opponents of the question said that amendment of the constitution would be “dangerous and misunderstood”.



A former federal prosecutor who has promised to help combat mass raids and racial differences in the criminal justice system has been elected to the chief prosecutor for Boston and nearby communities.

Democrat Rachael Rollins defeated independent Michael Maloney on Tuesday to become the first woman of color to be elected district attorney in Massachusetts.

The former federal prosecutor will also be the first female district attorney for Suffolk County, which also includes the Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop communities.

Rollins will replace John Pappas, who was appointed lawyer when long prosecutor Dan Conley resigned in September to join a private company.

Rollins has promised not to prosecute certain low levels of criminals, to drive to end cash insurance and to diversify the district attorney’s office.



Massachusetts voters have supported a state law that protects transgender from discrimination in public housing, including bathrooms and changing rooms.

The yes vote on the poll on Thursday denies an opposition from opponents to repeal the 2-year law. It was the first parliamentary referendum in the United States on transgender rights.

The team’s crew feared that a roll of rescission would lead to a wave of similar efforts to redeem the protection of other states. Massachusetts was the first to legalize gay marriage and seen as one of the most HBT-friendly states.

Critics say that the law in 2016 allows sexual predators to invade private spaces for women by claiming female gender identity. No such incidents have been reported in Massachusetts since the measure came into force.



Democrat Suzanne Bump will return for a third term as State Auditor after defeating Republican Helen Brady and two other candidates.

Bump says her office has worked hard to eradicate state waste and inefficiency.

She has also been criticized sometimes, for example in September when the Republican government Charlie Baker challenged her office’s conclusion that the Motor Vehicle Register had issued more than 1,900 driving licenses under the names of the dead.

Brady is Business Manager of Boston Pops and has worked for the Boston Symphony Orchestra for 30 years. She said during the campaign that the accountant can do much more to identify waste of spending.

Libertarian Daniel Fishman and Edward Stamas of the Green-Rainbow Party were also on Tuesday’s vote.


9:55 [19659002] Democrat Deb Goldberg has won a second four-year term as a civil servant in Massachusetts.

Goldberg defeated Republican State Rep. Keiko Orrall (KAY & # 39; -koh ORR & # 39; -el) in Tuesday’s vote.

The cashier monitors state lottery and state pension fund, including responsibility.

Orrall is a former Republican national commissioner from Lakeville and was the first Asian woman to run for statewide offices in Massachusetts. She criticized the management’s handling of the treasurer’s unanswered property division and said that Goldberg had not done enough to reconnect residents with forgotten bank accounts and other abandoned assets.

Goldberg replied that Massachusetts returned more unsolicited property than any other state. [19659002] Jamie Guerin from the Green Rainbow Party was also on the vote.



William Galvin, the longest serving ministerial service elected in Massachusetts, has won a seventh four-year by brushing back a challenge from Republican Anthony Amore.

The two shared on several issues, including whether Massachusetts would assume today’s voter registration.

Galvin said that he supports the change. Amore opposed the proposal and said he was not convinced that it could happen safely.

Galvin claimed that Amore followed what he called a National Republican playbook that made it more difficult for people to vote, something Amore denied.

The competition was bitter sometimes, with Amore calling Galvin “a liar” and Galvin called Amore “a faker” during a debate.

Galvin was first elected to the 1994 post.


9:30 [19659002] There was no electoral framework for Democratic American Republics, Joe Kennedy, Stephen Lynch and Richard Neal, who ran unlearned in Massachusetts.

All three were handily renamed Tuesday together with Ayanna Pressley, who unseated veteran rep Michael Capuano in September’s primary and becomes the state’s first black woman in Congress.

Kennedy returns to Congress for a fourth term, representing the fourth district, covering mostly southern Massachusetts. He was elected for the first time in 2012.

It will be Lynch’s ninth full term representing the 8th district, covering eastern Massachusetts and a part of Boston. Lynch was first elected in 2001 to serve the rest of the late Joe Moakley term.

Neal, dean of the Massachusetts House delegation, was first elected in 1988 and will serve his 16th term representing the 1st Congressional District, which covers a large part of the central and western state.



After an expensive campaign that sharply divided healthcare personnel, Massachusetts voters have resigned strictly limits the number of patients a single nurse can take care of once.

The ruling issue would have established nurses for the patient in different hospital units and put a penalty for hospitals that failed to follow.

Massachusetts Nursing Association supported the issue, while hospitals and medical groups opposed it. The two sides in combination had spent more than $ 30 million to make their fall to voters.

Supporters said that the nurse’s staffing needs would make the patients more secure, but opponents said it would create an overly rigid system that could cause hospitals to turn away some patients.

California is the only other US state with a mandate between the nurse and the patient.



Gov. Charlie Baker, a moderate republican popular with voters in strong democratic Massachusetts, has been re-elected for a second four-year period.

Baker and Lt. Gary Karyn Polito returned a challenge Tuesday from Democrat Jay Gonzalez, a former state budget officer, and his current mate, Quentin Palfrey.

Baker talked to the state’s strong economy and low unemployment, his government’s progress in stabilizing state finances without extensive tax increases and measures taken to deal with the opioid-dependent crisis. [19659002] He has been a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, who is unpopular in Massachusetts. But Gonzalez criticized Baker to approve other pro-Trump republicans, including US Senate candidate Geoff Diehl.

Gonzalez demanded $ 3 billion in new taxes to improve education and transport and supported a healthcare system for a payer.



Democratic United States later Elizabeth Warren, among her hardest critics of President Donald Trump, has won re-election in Massachusetts.

Warren on Tuesday defeated Republican State Rep. Geoff Diehl), Massachusetts Co-Chair of the Trumps 2016 Campaign, and Independent Shiva Ayaddurai (SHEE & # 39; -vuh Eye-Yah-DOOR & # 39; -eye).

Warren has generated significant speculation about a possible White House 2020 round, recently saying she would take a “hard look” at a presidential election after the late race was over.

The former Harvard Law School professor recently released a DNA test that suggests that a distant ancestor was native American, an attempt to invoke Trump’s frequency

Diehl claimed that Warren was ready to leave Massachusetts to run for president.

Warren opposed that Diehl, if he were chosen, would be a rubber stamp in Washington for Trump’s agenda. [19659002] ___

8 pm

Democrat Ayanna Pressley has completed her mission to become Massachusetts’s first black woman chosen for congress.

Pressley sailed through Tuesday’s general election inadvertently two months after she unseated 10-term US Rep. Michael Capuano in a national political robber in the state primary.

With no Republican in the competition, her victory in September had all ensured the 44-year-old Pressley office, with only the remote opportunity for a enrollment campaign to stop her. The scenario behind her, she will now represent the 7th Congressional District – the first in Massachusetts where minorities constitute a majority of voting rights.

Pressley is also the first African American to serve in Boston. 19659002] ___

2:10 pm

Responsible United States later Elizabeth Warren refused to say that the mid-election election in Massachusetts was about President Donald Trump as she voted in Cambridge.

Democrats said Tuesday after the greetings of voters and children, bought a few items on a election sales sale and decided that her first priority was Massachusetts’s people and protects health care, social security and prevents students from being crushed by debt.

She says, “I try to keep my focus on the issues, not on division and hatred.”

However, she acknowledged that the Democrats needed Allies in Washington to protect and combat “common values.”

Warren is challenged published by Republican State Rep. Geoff Diehl and Independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai.



President Donald Trump is not in the vote in the election of Massachusetts but he seems to be motivating voters. 19659002] Several Massachusetts voters said Tuesday that they led the polls to gain control of the Republican president.

Joe Robinson, a 62-year-old episcopalist from Cambridge, said he had been pushed to vote for “negativity”

Madeleine Schulman, a writer from Brookline, said she hopes the Democrats will resume the House to make a control of Trump, whose rhetoric she called “dangerous”.

The 47-year-old Schulman was disturbed by the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who met questions at a congressional hearing about allegations of sexual misconduct brought by Professor Christine Blasey Ford. Kavanaugh denied allegations.


6 am

Democratic American later Elizabeth Warren hopes to defeat two challengers in a election that also determines a series of congresses, a guerrilla contest and if Massachusetts is to retain legal protection for transgender people.

Together, Tuesday’s vote is the senate race. Republican State Rep. Geoff Diehl and independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai hope to deny Warren a second six-year period.

If Warren wins, attention will soon be turned to the 2020 election. Warren has promised to take a “hard look” at any presidential run.

In the run of the governor, Democrat Jay Gonzalez tries to topple the Republican government, Charlie Baker, who is still popular in Massachusetts and has kept a wrinkled gathering side.

There are also three questions about the vote and five contested conclusions in the United States House.

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