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The iPhone X of 2018 could be cheaper than the current


1,159 and 1,329 euros, these are the figures that those who want to buy a iPhone X in the apple store, although you can always take advantage of some of the mobile offers on Amazon . The Cupertino company knows that this is one of the reasons for the low mobile sales, which is why we could see a reduction in the price of the future i Phone X of 2018 .

We still do not even know if we will have a iPhone X of 2018 , although all the rumors point to it, but already begins to speculate about the possible price of the smartphone at the time of its arrival in stores.

There are many analysts and experts in the Apple world who assure that the firm will not launch a new iPhone X in 2018 , but up to 3 variants of its current top of the range. The indications point to the arrival of a iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen, a more direct successor to the iPhone X of 5.8 inches and a new iPhone X Plus 6.5 inches that would boast an OLED panel. But today all eyes are on the successor of the current flagship of the American brand.

The iPhone X of 2018 could be cheaper than the current

Prices of the iPhone X of 2018

Digitimes affirms that the new 5.8 inch iPhone X that we should know in September 2018 will be significantly cheaper to manufacture, which could imply a fall in the price of the terminal. According to the report, Apple could save up to 10% in production costs of the iPhone X of 2018 But does this mean that the new top of the Cupertino range will be cheaper?

Probably not. Manzana is not known for launching cheaper devices to the market than its predecessors, except the iPhone SE, it is a totally different mobile. Perhaps this reduction in the manufacturing cost of the iPhone X of 2018 allow to keep the price of the mobile in the same figures we have today, however we do not bet on a reduction in the price of the mobile future of the firm.

In short, in September we could see how the 2018 iPhone X price low of 1,159 euros (in its most basic version), could be maintained, or could even go up. The last word is Apple and until the launch of its new terminals is approaching it is likely that we will not have new clues about the price of the iPhone x range of 2018.