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The Internet will save when nobody shows up at the 6-year birthday party

There is a lot of hatred and trolling on the web, but once upon a time, it spills stories that…

There is a lot of hatred and trolling on the web, but once upon a time, it spills stories that make you want to be part of it.

Remember when Grandpa “Papaw” made 12 hamburgers for his 6 grandchildren but only one turned out? The story resonated with people around the world and they did not shine away from showing support and love for grandkid and her papaw.

Something like happened to a six year old boy in Tucson, Arizona and the good people of the Internet decided to join hands to make the little boy’s birthday perspective.
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Teddy had invited 32 of his classmates to a pizza party for his birthday, but things did not go as planned. Teddy mom, Sil Mazzini, told ABC1

5 that 32 invitations were sent out, kindergartner’s classmates and their parents invite him to celebrate in the restaurant. She added that some people responded that they could not do it, but nobody got up.
Mazzini, who was the only one on the pizza party with his son, decided to handle it by sending Teddy’s photo to a journalist Nick VinZant, who then shared the birthday boy’s photo on his Facebook account.

VinZant wrote “If you get a chance that you want Teddy, a happy birthday. His mother sent me this after his friends failed to make it his birthday party.”

His post was soon flooded with birthday wishes and supportive messages poured in with many even willing to send gifts to the birthday boy.

Surprised by the answers, Mazzini took Facebook to thank the Internet family.

“Thank you very much, I’ll show him these messages and he’s already laughing!” she wrote. Teddy, whose day went from gloom to an exciting man, also recorded a video to show her gratitude.

Teddy’s story became the city call and he was soon offered tickets from Sun’s to Los Angeles Lakers in Phoenix. The 6-year-old boy picked up the offer and stole the show before the match began. He also got a personal Sun’s jersery!

It was Teddy’s first NBA game!

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