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The hospital burns voters who carried shirt showing federal flag, nose

DESOTO COUNTY, MISS. – The man who has been standing behind wearing a sweater showing a confederate flag and nose…


The man who has been standing behind wearing a sweater showing a confederate flag and nose while voting in Mississippi has fired from the Regional One Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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According to regional officials, the man was employed at the hospital, but he was terminated on Thursday after an internal investigation.

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The shirt that is wearing – WHBQ does not identify because he did not commit a crime – depicted a confederate rebel flag with a nose hanging from the top , with the description “Mississippi Justice.”

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But local officials said that the man did not break any voting rights.

Posted by FOX13 Memphis on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Regional One released the following statement on human termination:

“Regional One Health is committed to a safe, safe and comfortable working environment for our patients, guests, employees and medical staff. All claims of improper behavior and employee breach are reviewed and investigated. We take this process seriously and are committed to following all necessary steps to verify the truth.

“On November 7, 2018, we became aware of a photo circulating on social media by an individual who was identified online as a regional health employee. The regional health and health care groups immediately began investigating this employee and to determine whether those claims were true and correct.

“We understand and appreciate the intense feelings that are related to this situation, but it is our duty to perform a thorough due diligence to verify the truth.

“As of today, November 8, 2018 we have completed our survey and what we learned led to the employee being questioned. Regional One Health has high employees. We are determined to retain our mission to provide compassion and exceptional services to all.

“This includes promoting a safe and protected work and health environment for all. Behavior that violates these principles is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

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DeSoto County, Mississippi, officials confirmed that the man did not break any laws by wearing the controversial shirt to the polls.

But he is facing hard backlash from the Mid-South community.

Jackson’s NAACP branch told WHBQ that it is aware of the image, and its offices in DeSoto County are looking into the situation further.

“It’s a sad time people still have that thought” Clarence Walker, resident.

DeSoto County election commissioner Paul Beall told WHBQ that he was contacted about the photo of dozens of people.

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Beall said the man in the picture is an unidentified voter and he was assisted by a survey worker on a new machine designed for the disabled.

However, there is a team against “distribution of campaign literature” or wearing a shirt with an active candidate’s name on it within 150 meters of a polling place.

Officials do not investigate the event anymore.

Although many across Mid-South said the laws should change based on that photo alone.

“There’s no reason why you should fear the person next to you,” Walker said.

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