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More and more devices add facial unlocking functions thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to add new hardware to our phones. By means of the mobile front camera as the Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro , and now the Honor 9 , you can unlock the smartphone using only your face.

He facial unlocking comes to these new smartphones as a hidden function in the mobile settings that allows unlock the smartphone looking directly at the front camera. This is coupled with the introduction of a pattern or password and the fingerprint sensor to access the contents of the phone and is beginning to reach more and more phones through software updates,

The Honor 9 is one of these phones that like the mentioned Huawei mobiles now receives the EMUI update. This software package includes the security patch of April and the classic bug fixes but the most interesting thing is that in the security and unlock settings of the phone the face unlock function is added. He Honor 9 is not the first terminal of the brand that receives this technology, because it is already present in mobiles as the Honor 7X or the Honor 10 .

The Honor 9 also receives facial recognition technology

The Honor 9 also receives facial recognition technology

April security patch

As they warn from XDA Developers, this new security patch for the Honor 9 is very important, since it faces one of the worst vulnerabilities that have recently been found in Android . This security flaw would allow an attacker to create a file that would allow an attacker to execute the code to get the private data of the users without them realizing the danger to which they are exposed.

That is why although the most striking is the function of facial recognition, the corrections of errors and security of the security patch that accompanies the latest version of EMUI . They are so important to apply. At the moment the deployment of this update is taking place in a phased manner so that only a few Honor 9 . it is expected that before the end of the month almost all affected mobile phones will receive the software on a global scale.

If you see that after a few days you still do not receive the Honor 9 update, you can ask other users who are in your same situation in the forum of our web that we have dedicated to the brand’s mobiles.