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The Honor 10 receives interesting news with its latest update


Honor is slowly getting a place in our list of favorite manufacturers. Not happy with pulling out of the sleeve a device like Honor 10 , able to look at you face to face Huawei P20 , the other day they presented the Honor Play with Turbo GPU technology, and now they are allowed to add new features to their flagship with its latest update, without us having had any notice of it.

And there is no denying that this Chinese manufacturer is doing very well, and that increasingly fits more and more launches becoming a very serious rival for Xiaomi and other Chinese brands.

Today we have learned of a Update for Honor 10 (we assume that global) that includes new features like improvements in the camera app, a “party” mode and some optimization of the fingerprint sensor. Let’s see them in detail.

Honor 10 now includes a party mode

It is not the first time that we have spoken that Honor has a more youthful approach than Huawei and other brands of the market, it is something that is seen in its pricing policy, in its designs and in the colors that they usually offer. Well now it will also be seen in the functions of their devices, since we believe that the Honor 10 will be the only smartphone to include the “Party Mode”.

What is this new feature? Well, this is a function designed to make us laugh at our social gatherings, as long as all our friends or family are fanatics of Honor and have their last flagship in their possession.

The Honor 10 receives interesting news with its latest update

Through the “party mode” we can connect several phones using NFC so that all reproduce the same music simultaneously, as long as it is content stored in a way local in any of the devices. In this way, if we do not have a stereo or multichannel sound equipment, we can use the discreet speakers of our smartphones to create a kind of multichannel sound.

Honor has designed the “party mode” allowing its use to be very intuitive, since we can add to the “orchestra” using a QR code and we can even decide which position we will occupy within this improvised multichannel system, which may include up to 7 smartphones Honor 10

Other news of the latest update of Honor 10

Honor has also focused on improving other, less ludic aspects of the device, and proof of this is the improvement of your fingerprint reader , that although it does not purify its response time (something slow at times), it will help us to maintain security by analyzing the compatibility of our footprint with the saved, offering to eliminate and replace the existing footprint if necessary.

Although the usefulness of this function seems to be limited to those cases in which our fingerprint varies by some circumstance, we assume that for this the device will ask us to access the security settings through other blocking methods such as the pin.

The Honor 10 receives interesting news with its latest update

The Honor 10 receives interesting news with its latest update

The camera of Honor 10 is also updated, and now it’s a bit smarter, since it adds the ability to object recognition and application of automatic effects based on the scene detected (the smartphone informs us of this), a feature that we have been able to see in other terminals of the competition.

Finally, the Honor 10 update also includes improvements in the energy consumption , the application Hicare goes to the home screen and updates the security of the device with the May Google patch 2018. Good work from Honor.