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The H1Z1 Pro League is turned off

The co-owner cites "cheating interest" in the game Earlier this year I was invited to Las Vegas to cover the…

The co-owner cites “cheating interest” in the game

Earlier this year I was invited to Las Vegas to cover the opening weekend of the H1Z1 Pro League or H1PL. It was a big, glitzy affair owned by league twin galaxies, with guest games from celebrities like Michelle Rodriguez who were there to start which league manager Jace Hall considered the next evolutionary step in the esports.

Players in the league signed a contract and would receive a $ 250,000 scholarship paid by the league. According to ESPN, that scholarship was never paid, and while some team owners could cover the player’s expenses out of pocket, there were no other. Succeed Alliance was the first team to pull out in the league two months ago, and now all teams have been released from the league. According to a message sent to the team by Hall and obtained by ESPN, the league still works to pay the team.


PL launched in April, exclusively exclusively on Facebook, but apparently only reached a height of 7,900 simultaneous viewers on the platform. In comparison, Overwatch exceeded the League Grand Finals of 319,000 viewers this past summer. H1Z1 H1Z1 H1Z1 Found until 1936. You are logged out. H1Z1 H1Z1 is now available for PC and PS4. . Log in | Register

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