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The Google Phone app already has its beta version: so you can download it

Google continues to offer users the opportunity to test the latest news of their applications before anyone else. Thanks to…

Google continues to offer users the opportunity to test the latest news of their applications before anyone else. Thanks to the programs beta of Google Play, anyone who decides to take part, can experience in the first person the future of Google Apps, while the company receives the opinions and possible errors to solve, reported by users.

The latest application from Google to join this collection is that of phone. According to us since Android Police , Google Phone, better known as Google Phone , has opened a channel of beta versions, starting with a new edition of the application that, among other novelties, allows end once and for all with calls from spam .

Google Phone launches beta with spam blocking

Google dialer phone

Despite being one of the most essential and basic applications that we can find on any phone, Google does not stop improving the native phone app, pre-installed on Nexus and Pixel devices . Only a few months ago, we informed you about the imminent arrival of a new design to the application, and only a few weeks later, Google surprised us with a great update loaded with news.

Now, everything points to Google preparing great things for one of the most important apps, and that at the same time has less importance for users. Therefore, it has been enabled a beta channel, through which new updates and features will be released with some advance . Google, of course, indicates that it is not advisable to use this version of the app on our personal phone.

But in case you dare to install it on your device, it is worth mentioning what you are going to find. First of all, an anti-spam protection system has been introduced, which will send suspicious calls directly to voicemail , without even ringing the phone to avoid disturbing the user. In addition, a new appearance has been introduced in the app, which brings the navigation bar to the bottom.

The Google phone application can be installed officially on Nexus, Pixel phones and those terminals that are part of Android One . To sign up for the beta, you just have to access the Google Play test page, available through the link at the end of this article.

Google Play Testing | Google phone

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