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The four people who determine the fate of Trump's presidency

The investigation and consequences of the investigation seem suddenly oppressive, with special counselor Robert Mueller to write his final report,…

The investigation and consequences of the investigation seem suddenly oppressive, with special counselor Robert Mueller to write his final report, and an unnamed president, Donald Trump, tries to aggressively control him.

It is becoming increasingly apparent, not least from Trump’s furious mood, that Russia’s final play will expose the US governments’ mechanisms for extreme stress and test the nation’s crushed cohesion.

Trump pointed out in his follow-up conference on Wednesday that although he believes Russia’s investigation is “very bad for our country,” he has hitherto not shut it down.

“I could have stopped it anytime I wanted. I did not. And there was no interaction,” he said.

But there is speculation that he could use Whitaker as a tool to disturb Mueller’s probe or choke his conclusions, or even try to shoot the special advisor. Some of these options may ignite a constitutional persecution.

Alternatively, Trump may choose to wait for the final report to claims that his campaign collaborated with Russia in 2016 and he prevented the right to cover it.

The President has already given an unfortunate glimpse of his intention.

Within a few hours after the mid-term review, Trump handed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had withdrawn from the monitoring of Russia’s investigation.

Trump installed Whitaker over Deputy Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein, who has given cover to Mueller and his investigator under the supervision of the probe.

Some critics interpreted Trump’s motion as his latest bid to undermine the investigation or remove officials as he sees as a threat, in which legal commentators now call a “slow motion” Saturday Night Massacre “, referring to Watergate.

There is a building debate about whether Trump’s appointment of Whitaker could have been in the suicide abuse.

There was still evidence on Thursday that there were no disturbances in the monitoring of the Mueller Proben. Rosenstein’s Highest Deputy, Deputy Attorney Ed. Ed Callaghan, Meeted lawyers from the Special Council’s team at a regular two-week meeting, a source familiar with the case told CNN’s Laura Jarrett.

The source stated that while Whitaker has the ultimate supervisory authority as acting Attorney General, the daily operation of the probe is still managed by Rosenstein’s office. “It’s business as usual,” said the source.

The president is on a dangerous basis if he decides to print the investigation.

If it appears later that Trump through design put Whitaker in a position to counteract the investigation, could provide more evidence that he owed a corrupt purpose to prevent justice.

“It will send him a way that will bind his presidency in the next few years, not in his best legal or political way,” said Michael Zeldin, a former Justice Department official, in terms of undermining at CNN International on Thursday.

The New Attorney General: Suddenly on the hot chair

revealed CNN on Thursday that Whitaker has publicly deceived the idea that Russia interfered with the 2016 election – opposes several Mueller allegations.

Now suddenly he drives into the highest efforts, a political settlement involving different government branches meant since Watergate.

He has the power to limit the investigation and limit the budget of the Special Councils Act. He could refuse Mueller’s requests to prosecute or condemn testimony from the president.

He could try to choke the publication of Mueller’s final report or could try to keep it from the congress.

Michael Conway, Advocate for the Court Committee under Watergate, said that the most unpleasant threat to Mueller could be a silent attempt to suppress his work by Whitaker from the sight of Congress or the public.

“The worry would be that behind the scenes he would in a whole variety of ways make the investigation difficult without a public firing without the occurrence of a catastrophic event that would generate immediate political backlash,” says Conway, now a professor at Medill School of Journalism.

Democrats demanded that Whitaker recall his previous criticism of Mueller – a major academic practice because it is obvious that his main attraction to Trump is that he is not prevented from monitoring the investigation.

The lighthouse St signifies that Whitaker acting against Mueller may come if there are no charges in the coming weeks or signs of activity at the grand jury.

If prosecution follows, it may be a sign Whitaker step back.

An interpretation of Trump’s rapid uprising by the justice department after midterms is that the president did not want time for Mueller to make any allegations after the end a v a self-imposed heed during the political season.

Whitaker has entered a huge personal print. Trump has not made any secret of his visceral anger at Mueller and has demonstrated – in his contacts with the fired former FBI director James Comey and Sessions – that he expects loyalty to him to replace everything.

Whitaker will meet the same requirements and be in a much weaker position than either Sessions or Comey, who enjoyed personal power bases and reputation and alliances forged for decades of public service.

Once read in the Mueller investigation, the new lawyer will meet an ethical question. Will he tell Trump what he knows despite going over an ethical line?

But Whitaker is also in a legally vulnerable location.

He risks being drawn into a conspiracy if the president or other officials try to illegally impede the investigation. He is likely to be raised to Capitol Hill by the majority of the new democratic chamber in the new year and will have to testify of the oath of his appointment. He may remember that Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell was sentenced for his role in Watergate.

At some point, Whitaker can face the ultimate dilemma of a Washington law enforcement officer caught in a scandal. Mueller: Keep calm and keep on going?

Mueller’s silence has been his best defense against tough efforts by Trump and the conservative media machine to pull him into the political swamp.

So it is and will always be impossible to know what he likes about the new justice department hierarchy.

CNN reported Thursday that the Special Adviser had started writing his final report. In recent weeks, the jury activity has shown that Mueller is trying to find out if Trump’s long-term secretary Roger Stone knew in advance that Wikileaks would release hacked material during the 2016 campaign.

But it was also a reminder on Thursday that his freedom to act may be in doubt when Michael Dreeben, a prosecutor of the special council’s office, admitted in court that Whitaker could change or cancel the order from May 2017 that appointed Mueller.

People who have worked with Mueller think he has already prepared for oppression or shut down his work. He has, for example, cultivated the tax fraud against Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen as prosecutor in New York. There was speculation in Washington recently that sealed charges against the probe’s goals have already been submitted.

Mueller has some protection in his first accusation from Rosenstein.

If Whitaker takes action to limit Mueller, he would be required to explain to the Senate and House Courts Committee committees why he did.

In theory, he can also only fend off cause or misunderstandings.

Finally, his departure would provoke a political firestorm that could lead to trial against the president. But it would also risk that much of his work does not see the light of the day.

Pelosi: The Institutional Control on Trump

Pelosi is likely to be the next House speaker and will have the power to have institutional control over the administration.

She will have authority over house committees to oversee Trump and the Justice Department. On Thursday she held a conference call with new and existing members to discuss the sessions and the Whitaker Agreement. Sources told CNN.

Democrats have already stated that they will investigate Trump’s appointment of Whitaker. They are likely to revive the House Intelligence Committees Russia’s investigation when they get the gable.

Pelosi will be drawn in several directions. She faces an imperative to answer any attempt by Trump to limit Mueller. But when preparations start for the 2020 election, she must protect against actions that could be depicted by GOP as overreaction.

At the same time, she will face pressure from her left from liberal activists who already demand Trump’s persecution. 19659002] “I do not think we should impeach a president for political reasons. But I do not think we should stop him because we think it’s political … prevents us from doing that,” told Chris Cuomo, CNC’s Chris Pelomo in an interview Thursday.

CNN’s Laura Jarrett, Evan Perez, Sara Murray, Pamela Brown, Andrew Kaczynski and Adam Levine contributed to this story.

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