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The Fortnite jetpack arrives to completely change the way you play


A substantial update comes today to Fortnite for iPhone in order to completely change the way we play, although we still do not know if it will do so through a new game mode, or will apply to existing games. We refer to the famous jetpack of Fortnite that, according to the developed of the game, arrives throughout the day to all platforms.

After being delayed on different occasions, it seems that today players can finally start using Fortine jetcpack . It will be an update of the most interesting that the game receives, since it affects and gives a great impulse (never better said) to the gameplay. That’s what the game developer announces today in a Tweet. No more information is provided, but it is unlikely that the jetpack of Fortnite belong to the average arsenal of a player since, according to rumors, they could star in new limited time mode with jetpacks and shotguns in the center of the map.

We know how important it is to jump and fly in Fortnite , because fleeing from the storm is paramount. But it seems that the jetpacks they will not be used in this sense, but a new mode will be directly posed in the center of the map where players must eliminate themselves while flying through the air. It is not clear if these backpacks will have unlimited momentum, but of course it is a total change in the way of playing Fortnite.

The Fortnite jetpack arrives to completely change the way you play

More news from the Fortnite update 4.2

He jetpack of Fortnite is not the only novelty that would be seen by the game, it seems that Fortnite 4.2 balances the damage of the assault rifle (to 32/33 damage) so you will have to take it into account when choosing the weapons with which to confront your opponents.

Other novelties that are added to the Epic Games game are more technical, such as directional sound. The developer has added a new layer that makes it easier to detect when other players are around us, specifically above us, something essential when facing such a strategic game.

Remember that apples were added to Fortnite a few days ago, that now appear around the trees as an uncommon element for a small health recovery. New Legendary and Epic Burst Assault rifles that use medium ammunition and are epic and legendary burst assault rifles . Can be found on the floors, treasure chests, deliveries of supplies