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The flu shot can not infect you and other influenza facts

A new survey found that a large number of parents think that the flu can lead to influenza. Share on…

A new survey found that a large number of parents think that the flu can lead to influenza.

Share on Pinterest Last year’s dangerous flu season left about 80,000 people to die. Getty Images

It’s now mid-October and doctor calls you to get the flu vaccine if you have not already.

Given that 900,000 people were hospitalized in the United States during the last flu season, vaccination becomes crucial, says pediatrician Dr James Cherry.

Cherry, Professor of Childhood Diseases and Infectious Diseases at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and Mattel Children‘s Hospital, pointed out that last year’s flu season was particularly fatal.

“Last year in the United States there were about 80,000 deaths from the flu. That number is something that just hurts the mind,” said Cherry.

He said that who has not been vaccinated should get the flu shot as soon as possible.

“There are already reports of the flu around, but we are still not at peak flu season,” Cherry said. “We are not close to peak and it will not be for a normal month. If you have not been vaccinated and have not had flu, you should get the vaccine. “

Despite the danger, there are many myths surrounding the flu, which can lead people to avoid vaccination.

This month a survey found that a majority of parents believe that the flu can lead to flu, which is not true, or that the flu vaccine not working.

If you are not sure what is a flu likelihood, have rounded off the important facts below.

Influenza 1: Influenza season begins just before Halloween and ends in spring

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actions say the flu season goes from October to May and recommends receiving a new dose of influenza vaccine each year.

The reason is that there are countless, ever-changing strains of the flu.

Influenza No. 2: The vaccine can fight multiple flu strains [19659014] Each year a new vaccine must be developed to protect against the three or four different viruses that will occur in a certain year.

Criticism was directed last season at the vaccine, which is said to be not strong enough to combat H3N2, last year’s predominant virus infection of influenza and one that causes more serious disease than others.

Cherry stressed that vaccination naysayers lack points when criticizing influenza vaccine.

Influenza No. 3: A 50 percent vaccine can effectively protect many people.

No vaccine is perfect and Cherry said that even if you’re protected only 50 percent, you protect yourself from more serious illness.

“Even in flu vaccine failures, the disease is less difficult, you will still give you some protection,” he added.

Influenza # 4: Some age groups need different doses of vaccine

Dr. Alan Taege, a contagious specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, told Healthline that children 6 months in 8 years may need two doses of flu vaccine each season. In addition, everyone else would only need the usual single dose.

Taege added that older adults – about 65 years or older – and people with impaired immune system may need a higher dosage vaccine. As always, he said that you should consult your doctor if you have questions about which dose is appropriate for you.

You should also be aware that the vaccine is not immediately effective. It takes about two weeks for your body to develop the antibody protection needed to fight the virus.

Taege said that he hears some common misconceptions about the vaccine every year.

But these myths can be harmful if they lead people to avoid the vaccine unnecessarily.

Myth # 1: You can get the flu from the flu

“The influenza vaccine does not contain a living virus so you can not get the flu from the shot. It’s a common misconception, Taege said.

But people can feel feverish or smart in the days after taking the shot.

“It does not mean that you now have flu. This means that a person’s body responds to the vaccine, says Taege. “Your body says” oh, there’s something here “and it will build an antibody’s fort.” Usually, a reaction to the shot is mild and most can come through with nothing but Tylenol or something like

Nose flu spray however is a living virus vaccine but it is weakened so that you can not get infected.

Myth # 2: You do not need to get a new flu birth every year

“The different types of flu mutate each year, so you have to get the new vaccine each year to take account of these variations,” he added.

Myth # 3: You may be so healthy that you do not need the vaccine

Taege said it is a myth that people who are normally healthy do not need to interfere with a vaccine.

“You may think you’re too healthy to get the flu everything you want, but then it will change when you stop getting the flu by not getting vaccinated,” he says. “Even young people can get serious flu.”

Taege said it is true that a younger healthier person is not as high risk as seniors or toddlers, but that even a person in their primary health may get sick.

“The more people who get the vaccine, the greater the risk we can avoid an epidemic, says Taege. “It is called” flock immunity “- the more vaccinated means less chance of widespread flu.”

By this point, Cherry said it’s socially responsible to get you vaccinated.

“This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu, the greatest killer of all time. It’s really sober to see that there were 80,000 deaths last year. Many of these deaths are due to secondary bacterial infections that may occur when you get flu, says Cherry. Take vaccinated.

Taege added that in addition to getting the vaccine, people should pay attention to the “cough label” – cover your mouth when you cough and avoid putting your hands on your face because your nose and mouth are usually how people can catch the flu. He added that it’s often important to wash your hands.

“Some say” oh, the flu is just a cold cold “, said Taege. “Well, you can call it bad, all you want, but it’s more than that. Most people have no chance of dying with cold unless you’re immune.”

Taege pointed out that the flu may be much more dangerous than a simple cold.

“Influence can kill someone young or old or in between,” he said. “Influence comes much faster and much more powerful than cold. Yes, some people, and some who are particularly vulnerable, die of the flu.”

Experts say it’s time to get your flu shot. Despite common misconceptions, the flu can not give you the flu, you may not be so healthy that you do not need it and you need to get a new shot every year.

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