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The first render of the Honor 10 confirms its resemblance to the Huawei P20

Next April 19 we have an appointment with Honor. The Chinese subsidiary of Huawei, will finally present us with its…

Next April 19 we have an appointment with Honor. The Chinese subsidiary of Huawei, will finally present us with its first big bet for the current year, which as we know today will be none other than Honor 10, the new generation of the company’s flagship phone , that since the arrival of the Honor 8 has found a valuable gap in the segment of the high-end affordable.

If something has taught us history, it is that Honor’s new high-performance phone will be a smaller brother – by price, not specs – of Huawei’s latest flagship device, the P20 , and will keep almost all the details of the technical section of the device that Huawei presented us several weeks ago .

Today, however, we receive new clues about its design in the form of renders filtered through the Chinese social network, Weibo , that confirm us that the Honor 10 will keep a certain resemblance to the Huawei P20 .

HONOR 10, back

Only a few days ago, they appeared the first real photographs that let us take a first look at the new Honor 10 . Despite not being the clearest images, we could confirm that the front of the Honor 10 will be a copy of the Huawei P20, with a fingerprint reader located in the lower margin , just below a large screen and reduced frames, which only leaves room for the famous notch located at the top.

On this occasion, however, we traveled to the back to observe how, despite having a different distribution in terms of dual photographic system , the glass panel of the P20 is maintained, and it is even adopted the gradient color finish , until now exclusive of the P20 and P20 Pro.

Taking into account the journey of both companies in previous years, it is expected that the Honor 10 has a technical section similar to that of the P20, with a Kirin 970 processor equipped with a Neuronal Processing Unit, 6 GB of RAM and a 12 + 20 megapixel photographic system on the back , and 23 megapixels on the front. According to the promotional posters, we also know that artificial intelligence will be very present in the next flagship honorary.

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