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The first-place Bears are being themselves, and for once, that's a good thing

Perhaps this matter-of-fact quote sums up just how monumental a turnaround the Bears are in the midst of pulling off:…

Perhaps this matter-of-fact quote sums up just how monumental a turnaround the Bears are in the midst of pulling off:

“We just wanted to come out and do us,” outside linebacker Leonard Floyd said. “Be the Chicago Bears.”

Being the Chicago Bears used to mean losing. A lot. Det betydde at have motstandere som gjorde den “Electric Slide” efter en interception. It meant throwing challenge flags that resulted in the opposing team getting the ball, not the Bears getting a touchdown. It meant a popular former kicker scoring every point and hitting a game-winning field goal in a one-point loss. It meant the short-lived Mike Glennon era.

Now? Being the Chicago Bears means wide receiver Anthony Miller rowing a boat in one end zone and safety Eddie Jackson conducting an orchestra in the other. Det betyder en forsvar som pålægger sin vilje på en kamp. Det betyr at hele laget skal boltes fra sin sidelinje for at fejre med sin meget maligned kicker efter at han har nået et feltmål for å sælge en vinst. It means having a widely-praised head coach and a roster suddenly stocked with potential Pro Bowlers.

Most of all: Being the Chicago Bears now means winning, as this team did, 25-20, over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night at Soldier Field. The Bears are 7-3 and have a firm grip on the NFC North, a division in which they have been mired at the bottom for far too long.

Beating the Vikings, the presumptive preseason favorite in the NFC North, does not make the Bears a playoff team just yet. Men det er bevis for dem, og resten av league, at dette er en gruppe som er for ekte, en som har gjort betydelige fremskridt gennem 1

0 kampe og stadig har plads til at vokse i sidste seks.

“You gotta understand the situation,” said Khalil Mack, outside linebacker. “Knowing that you’re facing a division opponent, knowing we’re going to face them twice a year, we’ve gotta make that jump. You saw that today. “

The Bears’ defense physically and mentally beat the Vikings, with Akiem Hicks ravaging the interior of Minnesota’s offensive line for five tackles for a loss, one sack and one critical pass break-up on a late two-point conversion attempt. Mack bullied Vikings left tackle Riley Reiff, as evidenced by his state-stuffing day (one sack, two QB hits, one TFL, one pass break-up, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery) as well as this:

What Mack, Hicks and Floyd (two TFLs, and plenty of pressure) did was mentally scramble Minnesota’s offense while beating them physically across the board.

“Who do you block? Who do you block? That’s the question, “Hicks said.” Do you block Leonard Floyd? Do you block Eddie Goldman? Do you block Akiem? Do you block Khalil? Who are you gonna block?

Det var ikke før midtvejs i det fjerde kvartal at Vikings offensiv begyndte at spille, men takket være Mitch Trubisky og a clutch parkey field goal, it was not enough. The Bears finished a game in all three phases – offense, defense, special teams – in the fourth quarter against a good opponent, proving again this is a team headed in the right direction.

The Bears’ quick turnaround from Sunday night to Thursday afternoon’s date with the Detroit Lions will provide a challenge, although it’s one players said would be made easier by Sunday’s victory.

Perhaps the biggest test for the quick turnaround, then will be for this team to devise some new, creative celebrations. Fordi de kanskje trenger et par af dem igen på Thanksgiving.

“We got one,” Jackson laughed. “We gotta add more, though.”

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