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The FBI releases new pictures of kidnapped North Carolina 13 years old

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LUMBERTON, NC – The FBI has released new photos of a North Carolina teenager who was abducted outside her home and it urges people to watch video surveillance say a suspect.

Someone drove to 13-year-old Hania Aguilar in an SUV who had been idle outside his home in Lumberton on Monday morning before school, police said, calling on police to issue an Amber Alert for her. [1

9659003] The stolen SUV was abandoned on Thursday morning less than 10 miles from Hania’s home at Rosewood Mobile Home Park, the authorities said.

A missing personal poster released by the FBI late this week contains more pictures of Hania than originally released.

A reward for information that leads to her has risen to $ 20,000, said Lumberton police chief Michael McNeill on Friday.

The FBI has asked the public to investigate video saying that a man walks near Hania’s home e.

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It said the man with lightweight shoes, a colored shirt and a hoodie went south on Lambert Street, then turned north on North Carolina Highway 41 / Elizabethtown Highway toward the mobile home park.

“Someone knows this man, and we need you to call us,” FBI Andy de la Rocha, surveillance institute, said Friday. “Maybe you’ll know how he’s going, his manikins or maybe he’ll recognize himself on TV.”

“Publicity was crucial for the recovery of the SUV. Now we need you to review again for us. The man on the video?” He asked.

What happened

On a Monday, a Spanish-speaking woman and a 911 operator told a man to stole SUV, left with a child inside, according to a CNN translation. 19659003] After talking to people at the caravan park, the FBI described the abduction of the girl as follows: “A witness saw a male substance dressed in all blacks and carried a yellow band force Hania to a relative’s vehicle parked in the driveway.”

Hania is Latin American, about 5 meters long and 125 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes, and last seen with blue jeans and a blue shirt with flowers, according to the FBI, who investigates the case with the Lumberton police.

The authorities have no reason to believe that Hania felt her abduction, they said Wednesday afternoon.

Lumberton is located in southeastern North Carolina, near Interstate 95,
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