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The facial unlocking of OnePlus 6, hacked with a photograph printed on paper

The facial unlocking of OnePlus 6, hacked with a photograph printed on paper

When Apple introduced the Face ID on its iPhone X , completely discarding the fingerprint reader, we knew that changes were coming to the telephony sector in terms of security. The first manufacturers began to bet increasingly stronger by the facial release , leaving the fingerprint reader as a secondary option, or even removing this biometric sensor.

OnePlus has been one of the brands that has equipped its terminals with facial unlocking systems, which in essence, and in the same way that other brands have done, is simply the option Trusted Faces native Android, improved to give the feeling of being faster and safer … except that it is not exactly safe, and this has been shown by a group of users of the new, testing the device’s facial unlocking with a photograph printed on paper .

They get to skip the OnePlus 6 lock with a picture

In the video about these lines, posted on Twitter by a OnePlus 6 user, you can check how the device unlock test is performed through the system Face Unlock , with a photograph of the owner printed on paper. And yes, as you expected, the test has worked, and the device has been unlocked without question.

Afterwards, the same users decide to perform the same test, although putting it more difficult to the system through a black and white photograph . The result? Exactly the same as in the first attempt.

On more than one occasion, this type of system has been questioned, which, unlike Apple, does not use sensors dedicated to recognizing the user’s face, but rather they resort to software solutions that may not be totally accurate or reliable in 100% of the cases. At least we are happy to know that, and they intend to investigate it and continue to improve their facial unlocking system to avoid security problems like this.