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The Facebook user base The European downturn should pamper its American executives

Facebook's user base has fallen in Europe, the company reported Tuesday in the third quarter. That's the second quarter in…

Facebook’s user base has fallen in Europe, the company reported Tuesday in the third quarter. That’s the second quarter in a row where Facebook has lost European users.

The decline is significant because Facebook has more users in Europe than it does in the United States. The cut-off comes after the Cambridge Analytics integrity scandal and the implementation of Europe’s new continental integrity team called GDPR.

The two issues have been on the front pages of Europe for months, which forces users to acknowledge the amount of information they give away. Facebook’s response to the GDPR rules required all users to inspect their privacy settings &#821

1; and the result seems to have been that many users called down their engagement with the app.

Facebook executives have promised that they will follow Europe’s privacy policy in the United States, which increases the prospects for similar downturns in North America.

  • Facebook Monthly Active Users in Europe: 375 million
  • Facebook Monthly Active Users in the United States: 242 million

Two million users have abandoned the service in Europe every month since the first quarter and 4 million have abandoned it on a daily basis . The third quarter was the first full quarter of the GDPR rules.


  • Decrease in European Monthly Active Users, Q1 to Q3: 377 million to 375 million
  • Decrease in European daily active users, Q1 to Q3: 282 million to 278 million

When asked at a conference in Europe last week if she would support the introduction of an equivalent GDPR in the United States Facebook’s privacy policy, Erin Egan, said yes ]. ” “We support strong and effective privacy laws in the United States and around the world,” said Egan. “We acknowledge the value of regulation of integrity.”

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also made sound about being more careful about the user’s integrity, but he has not especially support an American version of GDPR. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who spoke at the same conference, said he would support such a move. Some US legislators are considering a new privacy policy.

The decline in daily active users in Europe, peak to trough, was 1.4%. If a similar decline occurred in the US, Facebook would lose about 3.4 million users based on Tuesday’s number.

The Facebook share was about 5% in the premarket trading Wednesday morning, perhaps because GDPR downturns were already priced. Zuckerberg had warned investors on its first quarterly call to expect downturns as a result of GDPR. Historically, the Facebook share price has been sensitive to the number of user developments. US user development is flat. Daily active users were muted by 1 million in the US in the fourth quarter of 2017, the only time the market has shown a sign of weakness.


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