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The Epic Games Store is now live – TechCrunch

It's a busy week for Epic Games . Fresh from pushing out a big season 7 update for Fortnite, so…

It’s a busy week for Epic Games . Fresh from pushing out a big season 7 update for Fortnite, so the game giant has taken the cover from their own game store.

First announced earlier this week, the Epic Games Store is aimed at the Steam giant in the digital game space – and it was silent today.

Right now there is a small cluster of games available, including Hades, a new title from Supergiant Games, which is in Early Access for $ 19.99 and Epics own Fortnite and Unreal Tournament, both of which are free. But Epic says there is much more to come. In particular, the store will offer a free game every two weeks, from December 1

4-17 and Super Meat Boy from 28th December to 10th January.

What’s most interesting about the store is revenue, which is only twelve percent. There has been a change in Valve, the company behind Steam, as we reported earlier this week:

While Valve continues to take an App Store-like 30 percent from the sale of gamers with less than 10 million in revenue, that figure drops to 25 percent until they hit 50 million revenues, from which point the record drops to 20 percent.

All in all, the store is very early, but you can imagine that Epic works to add more meat to the legs. It is clear that the company aims to benefit from Fortnite’s phenomenal success – estimated at up to $ 2 million a day in the summer – by building a destination for players. In fact, a major reason came from its decision to bypass the Google Play store and offer its Android app directly from its site – it’s a move that is estimated to cost Google about $ 50 million in lost revenue in 2018.

“As a developer we has always wanted a platform with great economy that connects us directly to our players. ” Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney told TechCrunch in a mailed statement sent earlier this week. “Thanks to Fortnite success we now have this and are ready to share it with other developers.”

The Epic Games Store is part of a broader vision for coming, which led to a number of investors being pumping $ 1.25 billion to the company in October. This round was part of KKR, Kleiner Perkins and Lightspeed Venture Partners, and it is said to appreciate the Epic Games business – which includes the Unreal Engine for Game Development – of more than $ 15 billion.

Epic is the only game to go after the valve this year. Discord introduced a game store in August – just a few months earlier, Valve looked after Discord with the expansion of its own gamerschatt system.

So everyone goes after everyone, but Epic’s great advantage continues to be Fortnite.

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