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The design of the OnePlus 6 is fully exposed, with surprise included

680 Yesterday the same manufacturer published a official photo of OnePlus 6 in your Twitter account. A image in which…


Yesterday the same manufacturer published a official photo of OnePlus 6 in your Twitter account. A image in which there was a small portion of its back shell. Nothing to do with the latest filtration in charge of a page that will sell covers for the OnePlus smartphone. These photos show the OnePlus 6 design to complete, as well as to show us a detail that can be a revulsive in the market.

With the OnePlus 5T stock about to run out at the global level, the official presentation of the OnePlus 6 It is more than an imminence. It is believed that it will be produced at the beginning of May. By then, we will have the opportunity to know in depth the new standard bearer of the Asian firm. That’s if the leaks do not keep revealing details and features of the smartphone. The last one is, perhaps, the most revealing to date in terms of OnePlus 6 design it means.

Design of the OnePlus 6, completely uncovered

We had already had occasion to contemplate much of the OnePlus 6 design through previous leaks. However, today’s can be considered the clearest and most concise when it comes to revealing the appearance of the next OnePlus smartphone.

We resort to the popular saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” so that you can read the design of the OnePlus 6 through the attached galleries.

The photos have been taken from a well-known portal from sale of mobile accessories and let see the covers that the brand Olixar have ready for OnePlus 6 . We must make a point to point out that this type of leaks are usually very revealing and reliable-especially if they occur in the last phase of development of the model, since it is known that accessory manufacturers usually have models of devices for that their products are available the same day or shortly after they are presented.

An aesthetic detail – and technical – to take into account

He notch of the screen It does not surprise us. The CEO himself provided less than two weeks ago a real image of the top of OnePlus 6 in which you could see the notch on the display . We are also not surprised by the rear part, where they are arranged two cameras in vertical , then the LED flash and the fingerprint sensor .

Instead, the front shows us something that to date we had not had a chance to contemplate. We refer to the lower part, in which it hardly appears frame of the screen . If these images end up confirming the Definitive design of the OnePlus 6 , it would be clear that OnePlus will reduce to the maximum the inferior framework, very close to the result achieved by Apple in its iPhone X .

Although in the face of the experience of using the smartphone may be a more than interesting change, we must also check to what extent it affects the final price of the telephone. OnePlus, which in the beginning was characterized by offering smartphones with a great balance between cost and features, has gradually increased its price over the last three years.

Sign of a significant price increase

However, this change in design could be paired in parallel with a significant price increase, perhaps more prominent than the last ones applied to OnePlus 5 Y OnePlus 5T . Why? Well, because the technical solution necessary to reduce the lower frame of the screen requires, among other things, a Flexible OLED panel to be folded in that section. A solution that Apple only applied last year and that have raffled much of the brands of Android smartphones not only for the difficulty of its manufacture, but for the additional cost that this implies for the final price of the equipment.

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