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The design and the screen of the Galaxy A6 and A6 + are revealed in a video

377 If the FCC confirmed yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy A6 – Galaxy J8 2018 in certain markets – would…


If the FCC confirmed yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy A6 – Galaxy J8 2018 in certain markets – would have ultrapanorámica screen like that of the Galaxy S9, today a couple of videos allow us to contemplate the design of both the Samsung Galaxy A and the Galaxy A6 Plus in all its extension. In them, the Infinity Display and other important aesthetic features are perfectly visualized.

During the last days, we have had access to information regarding two new Samsung models. Two medium range that are positioned as relevant since they will occupy the link between the range of entry and the premium medium range, with the Samsung Galaxy A8 as a reference in this regard. Today, we have the opportunity to expand the details thanks to the filtration of a video that shows images rendered in three dimensions of both the Samsun Galaxy A6 and the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.

Design of the Galaxy A6 in all its splendor

A new filtration by @OnLeaks puts us on a tray the design of the future Samsung Galaxy A6. This is a video that shows the appearance of the smartphone from a series of images rendered in 3D. The result is a high quality graphic material that denotes a good number of exterior details of the model.

In the first instance, it is possible to appreciate the integration of a screen denominated by the signature as Infinity Display in reference to the important trimming of the lower and upper frames. A concept that already premiered at the time the Samsung Galaxy S8 and that the manufacturer seems to intend to extend to the rest of its ranges.

He already did, in fact, a few months ago on the Samsung Galaxy A8. However, this is positioned as a premium mid-range smartphone, so it was not such a surprising movement.

It is not the case of the Samsung Galaxy A6, which are aimed to occupy a step below, both in performance and price.

As regards the design of the Samsung Galaxy A6 +, the video in which it is shown records the main differences with respect to the Galaxy A6. In essence, we can determine that the double camera will be the main change with respect to the A6.

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