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The dark mode of WhatsApp would be a reality, in addition to blocking by PIN


We are not going to be the ones who criticize the WhatsApp guys for adding “low level” updates to the messaging application. It is appreciated that the app continues to add improvements such as video calls in group or the famous ones stickers for WhatsApp never finish arriving. However, there is something that users have long demanded: the dark mode of WhatsApp .

Since the app reached the market, the clients of the app have tried change the color of WhiatsApp in a thousand ways, and applying a dark mode to the application would be the simplest of all of them. Well, it seems that we will not have to wait too long to enable the dark theme on WhatsApp , as WABetaInfo advances using fine humor.

What at first might seem like a simple “meme” where the application expert complains about not getting renowned updates to WhatsApp, has soon become the possible announcement of one of the most interesting features that we could see in Whatsapp in the last months. And it is that shortly after launching this tweet, WABetaInfo has launched a second alluding to the lock by PIN / fingerprint of our chats, only this time encouraging us all to be “attentive” to future updates of the app.

Dark mode and PIN lock

He dark mode of WhatsApp would allow to replicate the seen in other messaging apps like Telegram . In this way the entire interface would change to black while the text would be read in white, a design that many users like and also allows Save battery on Android and iOS , at the same time that it favors the reading of our chats. But as shown in the middle tweets, it would not be the only novelty that would come to Whatsapp in the coming days.

The dark mode of WhatsApp would be a reality, in addition to blocking by PIN

The portal also refers to a new security feature that would allow to protect some of our chats under PIN or fingerprint in order to keep them away from prying eyes. We are not talking about protecting access to the app, something that is already possible through numerous layers of customization or independent apps, but to prevent access to individual conversations.

Of course, this is only an advance of what could reach Whatsapp in the next few days so there is still no date for the expected update.