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The cubs fool in the Bryce Harper competitions? – The Athletic

December 5, 2018 Sports 2 Views For Cub's fans, Bryce Harper's dream will not die until he puts on another…

For Cub’s fans, Bryce Harper’s dream will not die until he puts on another shirt at any other team’s press conference. And it would only start their countdown until Harper can choose what could be the biggest contract in professional sports.

Cubs fans, Chicago media and national baseball writers have all been conditioned to never underestimate team president Theo Epstein, always waiting for the next bold move and another big name on the Wrigley Field tent.

When Harpers Camp has organized a series of meetings in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, there are mixed signals about whether the cubes are a factor in the conversation and if the franchise’s financial constraints are really restrictive to keep him out of reach.

Cub officials throughout the organization have privately denied or dismissed the idea of ​​signing Harper this winter and it is not a coordinated leakage campaign to lower expectations. Agents …

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