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“The Covenant of Lloron” is a popular language for some, reality tendencies for others

Warner Bros. The Hopping Factory turns out another ghost story designed to go to the ever hungry horror film college.…

Warner Bros. The Hopping Factory turns out another ghost story designed to go to the ever hungry horror film college. James Wan gets his name dressed as a producer but does not confuse Curse of La Llorona which has some links to the Conjuring universe. What we have here is a test drive for the director Michael Chaves ; a film that allows him to stretch the horror muscles he showed in his excellent, shame short The Maiden before Wan planted him behind the director’s chair of The Conjuring 3 .

As was the case with several of the supernatural threats of The Conjuring Annabelle and The Nun Curse of La Llorona is based on actual reports of a classical folklore terror. The crying woman is a Mexican legend that revolves around a young, poor woman named Maria. Her marriage with an nobleman flows quickly and after twins, her husband flies this night. Years later, in a confused sadness for the lost love, she drowns her children into the river and unites them by throwing themselves into her depths.

For that sin, she is trapped between worlds and spend eternity shouting her pain into the night. If you happen to hear those who cry, it’s said that tragedy will come over you. The danger is even more potent for children crossing the roads with The Weeping Woman. She can mistake a child for her own and drag them to the nearest river to drown.

As far as ghostly folktales go, it’s pretty good. The Teaser trailer does not bother to enter the La Llorona story, but movies have always taught us to never tell the priest’s warnings. The Unsaid ), and she has already protected children from the born. Linda Cardellini has fought for her part of screaming spirits Scooby Doo domestic superhero invasion of Avengers: Age of Ultron . She is perfect for the confused mother over her head. Even so, is she the right character / actor to oppose this cultural antagonist? To hopefully avoid the process becoming insensitive, Raymond Cruz will guide Cardellini through the Mexican campfire stories.

Can the crying woman compete with killer nuns and furious dolls? The ghost seems to use the usual trick to beat a chord with his audience. Remove gray, veiled faces, high noise cuts. As you look to the left, the raging breath will jump from the right. Like many of these ghosts, La Llorona seems to prick his victims before they die, play with the lock on his station car, invisibly rolling down their windows. You know the drill.

If you are not 1

00% sold on the above trailer, I encourage you to check Chave’s short film. In less than 10 minutes, The Maiden determines character, threats and a rather successful nightmare. Several of these jump-scaring tactics are also shown there, but as Wan appeared in The Conjuring craft where they are woven can lift them beyond cheap tricks.


One thing is safe from Curse of La Llorona Michael Chaves fits right into the creative voices behind The Conjuring universe. The adventure is a little stupid, but you can not deny the truthfulness of the referendum. Somewhere on the back of your primitive brain, you can feel the real tragedy and reality behind the story.

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