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The consequences of the Telegram blockade in Russia: the iOS app has not been updated for months


Pavel Durov has spoken again, and has done so clearly and forcefully. He CEO of Telegram has published a statement on social networks in which he explains to users the problems that are facing the application of Telegram for iOS on the App Store . First, let’s see that the Telegram failures they are because Manzana It is preventing the application from being updated globally, although there are more consequences.

Everything goes back to the month of April, when Russia ordered, by judicial order, the Telegram blocking in the country. The reason was Durov’s denial of deliver the encryption keys of the instant messaging application. A requirement of the Russian government to access the conversations of the users using as a motive the security of the country. However, the effect of app ban is having greater consequences for Telegram.

Apple is avoiding iOS updates

According to the CEO of the company , since the Telegram activity in Russia was blocked, the application could not be updated in the App Store . In fact, the latest available version, 4.8.1, dates from March 24. Durov directly accuses Apple of avoiding approval of each update sent since the Telegram blockade occurred in Russia.

The consequences of the Telegram blockade in Russia: the iOS app has not been updated for months

As a result, the Telegram app for iOS experience failures with some of its functions and tools -such as labels- after the release of the Official update of iOS 11.4 . The CEO himself points out that this happens even though the company had solved these problems for weeks, we suppose after being detected in the Beta versions of iOS 11.4 .

Russia demands the removal of Telegram from the App Store

However, the impact of Apple’s refusal to update Telegram already directly affects all users globally. As we have already indicated, the instant messaging application has not received updates for several months. In the same way, the inability to update Telegram has prevented the company from adapting to the new rules imposed by the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD) of the European Union.

In this situation, Apple has not yet pronounced. We only have the Pavel Durov version. Now it remains to be seen if the supposed passive attitude of the apple signature is related to the demand of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB), which requires Apple to Removal of Telegram from the App Store . The technology has a period of one month to respond to Russian services with its decision, so it is worth asking if this is the reason why Apple prevents the approval of Telegram updates.