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The Colts Neck Quadruple Murder: A Timeline of Events

COLTS NECK, NJ – The four-fold murder of a family of four in this secret society continues to capture the…

COLTS NECK, NJ – The four-fold murder of a family of four in this secret society continues to capture the public’s attention – and let them also ask many questions.

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From Friday afternoon, November 23rd, here’s the absolute latest about where we are in the amazing Colts Neck quadruple murder investigation and a timeline for The events in the families of Caneiro:

5: 01:00 Tuesday morning, 20 November: Two fires are started at Paul Caneiro’s home on 27 Tilton Drive in Ocean Twp. A fire started at the back of the home, and a second less started at the attached garage door, according to the New York Times. Caneiro’s wife Susan slept upstairs at the time of the fire, and his two daughters were also at home. But all four family members, including Paul, met firefighters outside the home when they got there and were undamaged. Paul is the image above.

A few hours later, in Colts Neck: Neighbors said to Asbury Park Press Keith and Jennifer Caneiro’s two children, Jesse, 1

1 and Sophia, 8, were not seen in the morning at the bus stop on Willow Brook Road in Colts Neck, as they pointed out was unusual.

Tuesday morning, Ocean Twp.: The neighbors said that Paul remained on his property at 27 Tilton Drive for hours on Tuesday morning talking to firefighters and neighbors. He was seen at a neighbor at noon, and his house is 10 miles from his brother’s Colts Neck farmhouse. A neighbor told NJ Advance Media that Paul almost cried when she saw him in the hours after his home had struck fire. “He said,” I’m in full shock, I can not believe this happens to me, “said the neighbor.” He said there must have been a gas leak. “Paul’s lawyer also said he was home all morning on Tuesday and went to the Ocean Twp police headquarters at 12.00 o’clock at Ocean Twp, police HQ, informing him that his brother and family died in a fire. He burst into tears, said his lawyer and became “devastated” by the news. 19659002] 12:30, Tuesday: A neighbor on Willow Brook Road in Colts Neck told Asbury Park Press that she saw smoke coming from Willow Brook, where the Caneiro family lived. But the neighbor said she assumed they had fire in his fireplace. Minutes later, she heard what seemed like an explosion coming from the property. At about the same time, a landscaper working at a neighboring house called 911 to report the home was on fire. The first arriving firemen and the police Keith Caneiro, 50, discovered several times is and lies in the front lawn, the prosecutor said. There are three bodies in the home. They are Jennifer Caneiro, 45, and the two children. All three of these bodies have broken badly, the county prosecutor said. It takes fireplaces several hours to extinguish the fire, which completely destroyed the home at Willow Brook Road 15.

16:30, Tuesday afternoon: Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni holds a press conference stating that both fires are being investigated and burned, and they are examined as connected, but he does not offer much more than that.

12:01 Wednesday 21 November: Paul Caneiro is arrested without accident by detectors with the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and charged with setting up his own home, 27 Tilton Drive, on fire. The prosecutor says that he used gas to ignite his own home, and he is appreciated by increased fire legislation, because his wife and daughters were in the home at that time.

Wednesday 14:00: Gramiccioni holds a second press conference saying that his detectives have not made much progress in the Colts Neck Fire Force / Murder, because the 15 Willow Brook crime scene has still not been safely made by the county’s fire brigade. They have not even been able to enter Colts Neck house yet. Gramiccioni says the scene is safe from manipulation, but the fire alarm is worried that the roof of the home will cave. At the press conference, Grammiccioni says there is no way Keith and Jennifer died of a murder / suicide and said the Caneiro Family in Colts Neck was assassinated. He also says that they were “targeted”. In addition, he said that they all died sometime before their home hit, meaning Jennifer and her children did not die in the flames. A dead time is difficult to determine at this time. A police source told NBC that the mother and the children were killed, but the prosecutor refused to confirm it. The body of all four stays with the physician from Friday; The fact that three of them were so badly burned make it difficult to gather much information, the prosecutor said. But he promised that his detectives will work through Thanksgiving, “missing their own families … to get justice for Caneiros.”

A few hours later on Wednesday night: The detectives finally get OK to enter Willow Brook Road in Colts Neck. They have been working there day and night since then.

5 p.m. Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve: Colts Neck’s community is keeping vigilance at Colts Neck Town Hall for the Caneiro family. Many in attendance cry and have taken pictures of the Caneiro couple and their children.

Thursday, November 22: Paul Caneiro’s Attorney, Robert A. Honecker Jr., speaks with several media on Thanksgiving Day. He said his client is innocent to put the fire in his own home and that his wife and daughters have encountered him since he was arrested. He also said that Paul, 51, “loved” his younger brother, Keith, 50, “They were the best friends. And he would not hurt his brother,” Honecker told the New York Times. There were no serious problems to bridge between them, he said, and no fault in the two companies owned and managed by the brothers Square One, a technology company and EcoStar Pest Management, both run by the same building on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park.

Friday, November 23: Investigators remain at Colts Neck home, and are also seen nonstop at Tilton Drive, looking for evidence. A Monmouth County sheriff officer can be seen as blocking traffic from Rt. 34 in Colts Neck on Willow Brook Road.

Wednesday, November 28th: ​​ A court of liberty (when a judge decides whether he or she will remain in prison until his trial) is set for Paul Caneiro before 9:00 Wednesday. That means he stays in the Monmouth County prison in Freehold on Thanksgiving and throughout the weekend. It’s an unusually long period to hold someone before their fortune is heard.

Mughot by Paul Caneiro provided by Ocean Twp. police.

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