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The College Football Playoff committee missed the boat again

The great early dissemination is not a coincidence. They are an indication of misjudgment. Alabama and Clemson are expected not…

The great early dissemination is not a coincidence. They are an indication of misjudgment.

Alabama and Clemson are expected not only to pass the semi-finals of the College Football Playoff, experts believe that the two will cruise there, both installed as two-digit favorites, respectively against Oklahoma and Notre Dame, after Sunday’s predictable disappointing pairings were announced.

The College Football Playoff Committee had a chance to avoid the fact that its biggest day was a dud, being dared to go against the grain, relying on the members’ eyes and not just throwing in the team with fewer losses. Instead, it turned out to be hostage through winning loss records.

Instead, it took the easy way out, the popular road and picked one-lose Oklahoma over two losses Georgia, who took the lesser team, who did not play a top 1

0 opponent the whole season, the 111th defended defense that allowed 40 points to Kansas for all teams instead of the balanced group that has the better win, a 19-point victory over No. 10 Florida and played the superior schedule.

The committee made its decision instead of going for it on the fourth and the short. This was a careful move when aggression was needed.

It would have gone to Georgia’s side less than 24 hours after it became a two-lead leader in the SEC Championship game. It would have gone without thinking about choosing a conference that went up over a conference master. There would have been a risk. Unfortunate Alabama beats everyone, but Georgia, with at least 22 points. Everyone except Bulldogs was overwhelmed and stood no chance.

Dumb me to expect something innovative or daring from NCAA, which still has this ridiculous opinion that its amateurism model is of interest to student traitors.

Commander Rob Mullens, in defense of his decision, said that Oklahoma’s defense had played better in recent weeks. The Sooners allowed 437 meters of crimes against Texas on Saturday. Last week they were gashed for 704 yards and 56 points of West Virginia. As impressive as Kyler Murray and Oklahoma’s breakdown can be, Nick Saban and Alabama must be proud.

“I’m sure, as hell, do not want to play them again,” said Saban on a possible Georgia rematch on Saturday. 19659002] The committee gave him his wish and gave Crimson Tide a layup.

The decision avoids creating future problems. It fulfills the forces, as it justifies the conference championship game. Remember, if Big 12 had not added one this year, Oklahoma may not be the choice because it allowed Sooners to get a significant victory over Texas. Even Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, whose league was away from the final game for the second straight year, told Atletic that he was not pushing for expansion.

Choosing Georgia may have changed things. It could have led to more debate about adding teams – it had been the second consecutive year, the SEC sent two teams to the playoffs and you can be sure the other leagues would have screamed until they lost their respective votes – which is what should happen anyway. Under the current model, only the Power Five schools and Notre Dame – which are basically included in ACC despite their official status as independent – have a shot. Central Florida completed its second straight perfect season and ended the eighth in the ranking. The little guy has no chance.

But extension to eight teams would mean meaningless conference championships would have to end. The leagues make too much money from them. They do not want to see it happen. They prefer this smart playoff when only a handful of teams have the chance to join. Central Florida Athletic Director Danny White hit it on his head when he called it an “invitational.”

The Sooners are considered a long long shot, 14-point dogs against Alabama. Notre Dame gets 11 points against Clemson. This is the first time in the final game’s five-year history, both semi-finals are double-digit spreads. It speaks to the matched matches.

If the two matches play as expected, we will have the final game to thank. Like all others, Georgia almost saw Alabama and matched Crimson Tide athletes for athletes. It was obvious that Bulldogs was one of the best four teams in the country. But instead of Georgia-Clemson, we get two uneven games because Oklahoma has a smaller loss. Because the committee took the safe road that would not raise nearly as many powers as it was.

There was a choice here. Remember, on December 29, when you fall asleep during these misconduct.

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