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The best places to see the moon on “International Note Moon Night”

From your back yard to the National Air and Space Museum, here you can celebrate the "International Observe Moon Night."…

From your back yard to the National Air and Space Museum, here you can celebrate the “International Observe Moon Night.”

Saturday night is “International Note Moon Night” or INOMN for short. Observers and lovers of the moon, like me, worldwide will observe it and sponsor viewing events.

As NASA writes on its INOMN website, “International Observe the Moon Night is Over! Join the Global Celebration and Science celebration on October 20, 2018, by observing the Moon in all its beautiful splendor. Every year since 2010 , International Observe Moon Night, invited participants around the world to come together, watch the moon and celebrate our closest heavenly neighbor. “

INOMN is sponsored by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), supported by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Wallops Flight Facility, NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute and Lunar and Planetary Institute.

In the DC area, a number of InOMN events are held. See if there is an event near you


NASA Goddard, Baltimore Science Center, National Air and Space Museums, Haas Public Observatory and others are all hosting INOMN events on Saturday.

If you can not make an event or if the sky is unclear, there will be a life-flowing event with the historic skyline in Rome from 1

2 EDT.

I personally noted that LRO was built at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center and has accelerated the mission over the years. LRO is currently the only active US lunar mission, and has enough fuel for another ten years of operation.

LRO is a search for humanity’s return to the moon that all space nations prepare to do.

Take a look at the moon tonight or some night. It’s beautiful, forever and turns the night into something magical. Be sure to watch Full Hunters Moon rising in the east on October 24th.

Enjoy the moon’s night and consider the enormity and splendor of the universe where you live and we are all a part of.

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