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The best of the Moto G6 camera comes to Google Photos with news


A few days ago we could try the Moto G6 camera thoroughly to discover their behavior in all kinds of situations and their new shooting modes. among all of them it seems that you really liked the “Direct Color” mode that allows you to edit a black and white photo highlighting a color that we choose from the whole photograph.

Google announced this week some of the News that would come to Google Photos in the near future … so close that the new features are already beginning to appear in some users who have installed the 3.20 update of the company’s photo application. An example of this is the so-called mode Pop Color which adds some improvements compared to what was seen in the “Direct Color” function of the camera Moto G6 .

In this gallery you can see what the Moto G6 camera is capable of doing:

Pop Color in Google Photos

As we say, Pop Color is born from a similar concept but brings a subtle difference to the way Moto G6 camera . Instead of acting on a color, Google Photos allows you to select different colors to apply them to the rest of black and white photography. As an example we have this spectacular image edited with the mobile using google photos that a user has posted on reddit.

The best of the Moto G6 camera comes to Google Photos with news

After updating to the version 3.20 of Google Photos , the application is able to automatically alter the background of a black and white photo without affecting the subject, so that we are facing an evolution of the famous “portrait mode”. However we have updated to the same Google Photos version our application and we still have not the option to play with the Pop Color mode , so it seems that it is reaching users gradually, regardless of the installation of the latest version of google Photos.

What does work is the artificial intelligence tool that identifies screenshots to store them automatically, although it is a less eye-catching feature than the one that stars in this article.

The Google Photos 3.20 update It is not yet available in Google Play Store, but if you wish you can download the PAK from the app from this link and install them on your smartphone manually. It is expected that the Color Pop mode will land in the app globally in the next few hours.