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The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

One more week that borders on its end, and one more Friday we returned with the best launches in applications and games on Google Play . The last week, the Android application store has been the protagonist for the great redesign that has suffered its web version, and it is possible that some of the best releases in terms of new software have gone unnoticed. Because, after 31 consecutive weeks , we select again our three Best Apps , Y three best games for Android, that during the last days they have added to the extensive Google Play catalog.

On this occasion, the applications section is formed by three tools that want to make our lives easier . In the segment gamer , we welcome three games among which we must highlight the title set in the Marvel cinematographic universe , which comes to Android a few weeks before the release of the film Avengers: Infinity War .

Apps of the week for Android

Lockdown Mode from Android P

The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

Your mobile may never be updated to Android P, but that does not mean you can not enjoy some of the best news of the next big update of the operating system. One of the most interesting features in terms of security, is the possibility of blocking access through the fingerprint , and requires the user to enter the PIN or unlock password.

With Lockdown Mode, it is possible to use this locking system on any Android device , whatever the version of the operating system.

Google Play | Lockdown Mode from Android P


The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

If you are a fan of order, and also work as a team, Taskade is an application that can not miss on your mobile. On paper, it is an application for organizing tasks, notes or reminders, in which to point out anything that comes to mind at a specific moment.

The app, however, allows us to log in with a Google, Facebook or Twitter account, and then share our tasks and reminders with other users. It is also possible Create working groups, in which all members will see the same tasks and can edit or add new objectives. There is also an internal chat with support for hashtags to enhance communication among team members.

Google Play | Taskade

Nacho Notch

The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

The best new games and apps on Google Play this week

Featured in Andro4all: Now you can disguise the notch of your Android with this Google Play application

If your phone has a “notch”, I’m sorry. Fortunately, today I have good news for you: there is already a application that allows you to completely hide the useless notch that occupies the top of the screen of your brand new smartphone.

His name is Nacho Notch, and it is a very simple tool to use. Just install it, it will appear a new icon in the quick settings panel of the notification panel . Clicking on it, the notification bar will become black, thus hiding the notch almost completely, especially if the screen is OLED, and giving the front of your phone a greater symmetry.

Google Play | Nacho Notch

Games of the week for Android

Marvel Strike Force

We reached the territory of gaming , and one of the releases that can not be missed this week is the one Marvel Strike Force, the new title set in the Marvel movie universe , that landed on Google Play just a few days ago.

It is a role play based on fights, in which our goal will be gather a squadron of heroes that will confront the various enemies that are attacking the planet Earth . In each battle of 5 vs. 5, we will be able to use different tactics, and take advantage of each hero’s abilities. A free title – although with in-app purchases – that, without a doubt, everything marvelita I should try.

Google Play Store | Marvel Strike Force


Launched for the first time on Steam, in October of last 2017, JYDGE now comes to Google Play to invite us to participate in the intense battles that this shooter futuristic.

Our goal will be to end the crime of the city, saving as many innocent civilians as possible. We can modify our weapons, as well as look for allies to help us clean the streets of the city of criminals.

Google Play | JYDGE (9.99 euros)

Old Man’s Guilt

Any time is good to enjoy a Platform title flooded with puzzles , especially if you propose a story like that of Old Man’s Guilt. Our goal will be to accompany Wooji, the protagonist of the game, on his way to an unknown island, full of traps and puzzles to decipher.

Google Play | Old Man’s Guilt (0.99 euros)

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