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The best games for two players on the same mobile

889 Not too many years ago, the first smartphones moved around 4 inches, and the phones that made up 5…


Not too many years ago, the first smartphones moved around 4 inches, and the phones that made up 5 inches were phablets that caught the attention of people in stores and on the street. Today that trend has changed, and this has allowed two people to play with the same phone. If you want to be the kings of the meetings, we show you 7 games for two players with whom to have a good time.

Most of these games are available for both smartphones and Android tablets and for iOS, although two of them are only available on the first platform, which we will let you know. Yes, in iOS some are paid, although this is something that users of the apple are already used.

Fruit Ninja: a classic of frenetic action

One of the first games in triumph on Android and that has a dynamic as simple as addictive, slide our finger across the screen to cut the largest number of fruits. What many people do not know is that it has a two player mode to enjoy the title competing against another person on the same smartphone.

There are two game modes in Fruit Ninja, “Classic attack” and Zen duel “, The first is the traditional one we use in single player, while in the second, we face the clock and we must be the most fruit cut in two minutes, ideal for when we go on the bus or the subway. You can download it for iOS in this link.

2 Players Reactor

We are facing one of those games for two players where speed and reflexes are essential. The game will show us a split screen various intellectual challenges, and we will have to answer them faster than our adversary.

We have a total of 17 minigames and if we fail the answer we will subtract a point, so we must be quick, but we can not rush or lose our valuable points. One of those games to get a little nervous, but also to laugh for a while. This available only for Android.

Glow Hockey 2: disco here, disco there.

Another classic that rages among the younger audience, the game of “Air Hockey” with a very striking aesthetic to the “tron”, where neon and aim are the main protagonists.

The dynamics of the game can not be simpler, we hold the smartphone with one hand and with the other we handle the puncher to try to sneak the disc into the opponent’s goal, whoever disks the most, is the winner. You have it available so much for Android as for iOS .

2 Players Mathematical Games

We leave the pure action to try to squeeze a little more neurons. “2 players mathematical games” ( Mathematics games for 2 on iOS ) proposes us to learn mathematics through the incentive of competition, ideal for the little ones of the house to review what they have learned in school.

The game is recommended for children with an age of 5 years and up and is focused on improving the knowledge of children (and not so small) through a split screen interface that rewards speed.

Badland: a very careful aesthetic and lots of fun

Badland It is a very interesting game with a contrast aesthetic between black and color, and although it is best known for its single player mode, you can also play up to 4 people to survive a certain scenario.

We can enjoy this title in collaborative or confrontational mode, managing our character in a specific part of the screen and trying to arrive alive at the end of the stage. The funniest option is competitive, since guiding our partner to death can start more than one laugh (and maybe one or two pique). You can download it for iOS on this link .

Games for two players: React!

Other Title exclusive for Android and with an interface very similar to that of 2 Reactor Players. Many challenges to overcome, a split screen and two people focused to the maximum to try to be the first to solve all the tests.

We have 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, and “Insane”) and will be able to play up to 4 people simultaneously in 24 game modes different

Micro Battles 3: swords, cars and centipedes

We finished our review of the games for two players that we liked the most with Micro Battles 3 , a simple and fun title, where we have different minigames that range from hand-to-hand fighting to car racing.

The aesthetics of Micro Battles 3 is as retro as a movie of the 80s, and although we are limited to two players, we can play each day one of the 4 micro games available (there is a paid version without limitations for 1.99 euros). Do not forget that there are the two previous versions, so we can play 3 games a day for free if we are very engaged. You have it available for iOS in this link.

We hope that this small collection of games for two players has been to your liking and, as always, you can leave us your impressions in the comments.

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