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The Best Black Friday 2018 Deals on Apple Products: $ 250 iPad, Free iPhone XR, $ 250 HomePod, $ 100 of Apple Watch

Apple's previous version of iPad Pro has a 9.7 inch screen. Sarah Tew / CNET Want to buy some Apple…


Apple’s previous version of iPad Pro has a 9.7 inch screen.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Want to buy some Apple gear this year? Same old story: premium prices, rare sales, minimal discounts.

Ah, but Black Friday is just around the corner. Even Apple products are sold that day, right? Maybe: Apple just announced its Friday save event starting Friday 23 November.

We do not know yet whether it will bring actual discounts or just Apple’s usual (cough, lame cough) gift card bonuses. But here’s what we know: There are offers available elsewhere on different Apple objects. Below I have rounded the best prices I can find on Apple AirPods, HomePod, iPad, iPhone and Watch. Some are available now; Black Friday 201

8: The Best Deals You Can Get Right Now

Apple Shopping Tips

Before we enter, buy some advice. First, you can get discounts right now by shopping for refurbished items from Apple. Currently, for example, the refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 38mm $ 239 is a $ 40 saving. And you can save $ 80 on the refurbished iPad Pro 9.7 (32GB). Apple’s certified refurbs are usually inseparable from new ones, and have the same warranty as their new counterparts.

Secondly, many stores – Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc. – will have matching selling prices on Apple equipment. So, is it a benefit to choose one over another? There may be: Check your favorite management service to see if a store offers a higher discount than another.

For example, you’ll see the $ 250 from the iPad at a variety of stores. If you find a 5% cashback option in a store and only 2 percent at the other, you will lock $ 12.50 instead of just $ 5. The extra savings add!

iPhones (save up to $ 750)

Angela Lang / CNET

There are too many options to list here, but it’s enough to say that if you’re on the market there are lots of Black Friday iPhone offers . One that stands out: US Cellular gives you a free iPhone XR (in the form of a 30-month invoice) when you sign up for unlimited service. This store is live right now and goes through November 26th.

Look at US Cellular

iPhone XR review

Apple iPad 9.7 (2018): $ 250 (save $ 80)

Sarah Tew / CNET

Not long ago, the base model iPad will drive you $ 500. Even though this lacks Pro features, it’s still the current generation model with a saving of $ 80. It is currently available on Amazon! It will be available not only at Walmart, but also by Costco, Target and other stores.

$ 250.00 on Amazon

iPad 2018 review

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Tricks to Make Extra Savings on Black Friday and Cyber ​​…


Apple AirPods: $ 139 (save $ 20)

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Hopefully, Apple’s highly sought-after earplugs attenuated as low as $ 129 during some sales before Black Friday – but the best option for Black Friday Right at Newegg. One exception: If you buy a new iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch from US Cellular, you can save $ 50 on AirPods.

Look at Newegg

AirPod’s review

Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm + GPS): $ 179 (save $ 100)

César Salza / CNET

Apple Watch Agreement to Beat is on … Meijer? Yep, the superstore chain will beat $ 100 of the price of the Basic Series 3 model, substituting Best Buy, Target and Walmart. Do not you want to wait? Worried, will you miss the deal? Macy s currently sells the series to $ 199 – an excellent price of any standard.

Look at Meijer

AirPod’s review

Apple HomePod: $ 250 (save $ 100)

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Apple’s Siri-powered smart speaker offers some of the best sounds in its class, and Best Buy will cut a rare $ 100 off the usual price.

Check out the best buy

HomePod review

We update this post when we discover better deals on these and other Apple articles. So come back soon!

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