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The best app to find wallpapers on your Android is free (and has no ads)

The best app to find wallpapers on your Android is free (and has no ads)

It does not happen to you that, when you have a lot of time with the same wallpaper, you get bored and need to change it urgently? It usually happens to us every week, and we love it dive on the Internet to find a new wallpaper . We do not know how we do it but, in one way or another, we always end up coming to the same website: Unsplash Unsplash, for those who do not know it, is one of the banks of free images most famous in the world, and the photos that are housed inside are of a exceptional quality.

Unfortunately, Unsplash does not have an official application , so if you want to access your photos you have to resort to third-party applications. Today we would like to introduce you Resplash , a “client” for this image bank that is completely free and does not have a single advertisement. Its operation is exquisite, its interface very nice and can be downloaded from Google Play. If you want an app in conditions to find top wallpapers, I recommend you keep reading.

Resplash, the best app to find wallpapers on your Android

Resplash, as we said before, baby Unsplash, which means that is constantly updated with new images every day . When you open it you will find three tabs: “New” (newer photos), “Featured” (highlighted photos) and “Collections” (collections of images of different themes). Sliding down, as if it were Instagram, You can browse all the photos and see if there is one that you like. If you prefer, you can also use the search engine by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right.


When you find an image that you like, click on it to access its information. You will see the upload date, the number of likes and downloads you have, geographic information (if the user has added it) and the predominant color of your color palette. If you click on the black arrow that appears in the lower right area, you will unfold the menu . From him you can download the photo in original size (the one you see above has a size of 3,840 x 4,800 pixels) and even set it directly as wallpaper.

From the settings of the app you can change the language, theme and layout of the images. You can also modify the size at which the file is downloaded , although we recommend that you leave it in “Full” so that the photo is downloaded in the best possible quality. Take a look at Resplash, you will surely findto give you a new look to your smartphone . You’ll see that in the Google Play tab it appears that you have purchases in-app , but do not worry. That comes out because from the application you can donate money to the developer.

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