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The Bedford family pays loved a lost in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

A Bedford family praises the loss of a family member who was one of the 11 mass massacre victims in…

A Bedford family praises the loss of a family member who was one of the 11 mass massacre victims in a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning.

After waiting for several hours that afternoon, Bill Rabinowitz and his family learned that his brother, Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, had been killed at the Synagogue’s tree, according to a priest who was with the family at that time.

Rev. John Gibbons, Senate Minister for the First Assembly in Bedford, said he was in Bedford’s home when Bill, his wife Christine Rabinowitz and his mother, Sally Rabinowitz, learned what had happened.

“The news about the accidents was not released until early in the evening and the family did not know what was happening,” he said. “It was just a painful day for everyone.”

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The Rabinowitz family had been parishioners at the First Parish for many years, said Gibbons. He said he had met Jerry and his wife, Miri, at one of the weddings he offered for the family.

Gibbons said that Jerry was known as “a beloved family physician” who was particularly fond of wearing a fire.

“He was very susceptible to HIV patients when other people were worried about HIV patients, so he was simply known as a most compassionate man,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons said it was particularly shocking to hear that this tragedy had stirred a family in his church.

“There is a tight society that has supported Rabinowitz family and we continue to support the Rabinowitz family,” he said. “It was an important reminder that society is important when dealing with tragedies and goes beyond.”

The family recently left to Pittsburgh, where they will attend funeral services on Tuesday, said Gibbons. They could not be reached immediately.

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