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The Bedford family mourn brother lost in the synagogue massacre

LOWELL – A family in Bedford learned fright early on Saturday that a Pittsburgh synagogue where a baby was offered…

LOWELL – A family in Bedford learned fright early on Saturday that a Pittsburgh synagogue where a baby was offered was the goal of a massacre.

But it was not until several hours awaited fear before they were told that their loved family member was among the 11 killed.

Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, of Edgewood, Pa., The Brothers of Bedford’s Resident Bill Rabinowitz, was killed on Saturday Morning Attack at Life’s Synagogue, Rev. John Gibbons, Senate Minister for the First Assembly in Bedford, confirmed Sunday. Bill, together with his wife Chris and sons Jacob and Eliot Rabinowitz, are parishes at the First Parish.

“It was the most terrible day yesterday,” said Gibbons, who was with the family as they learned from the tragedy. [1

9659002] Gibbons pointed out that the Rabinowitz family was on their way to Pittsburgh on Sunday to attend services to commemorate the event.

Attempting to reach the family was not responded immediately. Gibbons had known Jerry and his wife Mari Rabinowitz, who had sacrificed family weddings. He described the 66-year-old as a “loved family physician”.

Jerry and Mari had no children, but Gibbons pointed out that Bill’s sons served as Jerry’s “honorable child”.

In an Associated Press report Sunday, Jerry is described as a “trusted trust” and “healer”.

“He’s one of the nicest I’ve ever met,” said Dr. Kenneth Ciesilka in the article.

Ciesielka served as Jerry’s partner in his medical practice at UPMC Shadyside in Pittsburgh.

“We’ve been in practice together for 30 years and friends longer than that,” said Ciesielka. “His patients will miss him terribly. His family will miss him terribly and I will miss him. He was just one of the nicest, finest people.”

Gibbons said the attack reinforces the need to deal with acts of violence .

“It’s been way too long,” he said. “We must not be quiet anymore.”

“We are shocked when it affects people we know, but on the other hand, why should it?” Gibbons added. “It affects us all. We are all responsible and we are all responsible for stopping violence.”

The tragedy occurred when the First Parish prepared for several events dealing with violence. They will remember all who have died in their annual day for the dead celebrations in their memory curtain at. 19:00. Thursday.

Bedford’s Jewish community and the intergovernmental priesthood also soon celebrate its annual event memorial Kristallnacht, or “Night of Broken Glass”, a precursor to the Holocaust, when Nazi prayers in Germany burned synagogues and vandalized Jewish homes in November 1938. The ceremony will take place at Town Common in Bedford on November 8 at 19.00

“Today’s events are awful and we remember Jerry Rabinowitz,” Gibbons said in a letter published in The Bedford Citizen. “We must renew our efforts to end meaningless hatred, bigotry and violence.”

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