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The astronauts visit Wright-Patterson AFB to use new centrifuges

Nina's NASA astronauts and a Boeing astronaut will be on Wright-Patt for medical evaluations, furnishings and centrifuges. as part of…

Nina’s NASA astronauts and a Boeing astronaut will be on Wright-Patt for medical evaluations, furnishings and centrifuges. as part of the training related to NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, according to the base. The commercial crew program, together with the agency’s commercial partners, plans to launch astronauts to Earth onboard Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft.

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Starliner and Crew Dragon will restore an American launch capability for astronauts to reach the International Space Station and utilize its unique research environment, according to NASA. The agency plans to take four crew members to the space station at a time, which increases crew members in the orbiting laboratory to seven at a time instead of the current standard crew of six.

This will be the first time since the Apollo program as a centrifugal training has required astronauts to launch a US spacecraft, according to Wright-Patt.

Training is required again because astronauts will return to using capsule planes to return to the ground instead of “volatile space ferries.” The capsules contain higher gravitational loads at start and landing, which the centrifuge will be able to replicate in training, according to Wright- Stalemate.

The $ 34.4 million Centrifuge took place at a ceremony in early August. The centrifuge &#821

1; originally scheduled for completion in September 2013 – met about five years of delays, first reported by this news organization.

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With an egg-shaped capsule at the end of a 31-foot-long spinning arm, the giant centrifuge pushes the Air Force, Navy and Navy Corps pilots to learn to endure gravity up to nine times the body’s body weight. 19659002] It has capacity to go from zero to 15 times the gravity in one second and can do 45 rpm.

The centrifuge, four new research heights and a newly established Navy Disorientation Research Device – all within walking distance – are included in a number of $ 92 million projects that the authorities say will designate Wright-Patterson as a hub for space physiology research.

All three projects were built on Wright-Patt to consolidate aeromedical research for the Air Force and Navy in one place. The consolidation followed the 2005 closure process that moved the business to Ohio base from San Antonio, Texas and Pensacola, Fla.


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