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The AI ​​functions of the LG V30s ThinQ reach the LG V30 and, soon, the LG G6


At the MWC of Barcelona, ​​the new LG V30s ThinQ , a variant of the LG V30 launched months ago with functions of Artificial intelligence that help make life easier for the user. Now these functions reach the camera of the LG V30 and soon to LG G6 .

The update of Android Oreo that is receiving today the LG V30 allows you to enjoy the exclusive functions of your successor by means of a software update. But the brand wanted to take advantage of the moment of this update to announce the news that will soon be received by other smartphones in its catalog, such as the LG G6 or the economic LG Q6 .

Among all the features and novelties presented by the LG V30s ThinQ, the three functions of Artficial Intelligence applied in the camera of the smartphone stand out:

  • AI CAM analyzes the subjects in which they appear in the image to recommend the optimal shooting mode among eight categories: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise and sunset.
  • QLens it is the function focused on the recognition of the environment that surrounds us. The function helps to analyze QR codes in order to improve the online shopping experience as well as perform a search of images to discover similar photographs or detailed information of what was captured with the camera.
  • Bright Mode is focused on helping us make better pictures. Using algorithms, the LG V30s ThinQ software manages to illuminate the images by a factor of two to obtain better photos. This eliminates much of the annoying noise present in images made in low light.

What modes will the LG G6 receive?

In a statement, the company reveals that “the LG G6 It will also be enriched with most of the improvements mentioned with the next software update. We promised our consumers that we will maintain the quality and ease of use of our smartphones and that will be the case. ”

However, not all the brand’s AI tools reach the old LG range top. Users can enjoy QLens and Bright Mode but the AI ​​Cam function that recommends the optimal shot at the time of taking a picture only comes to the LG V30.

The AI ​​functions of the LG V30s ThinQ reach the LG V30 and, soon, the LG G6

In addition to the LG G6, the LG Q6 and LG K11 will receive software updates with new camera features. Among them is a portrait mode with a bokeh effect as well as a function called Flash Jump Shot. This new option captures 20 photos in a single burst and combines them to create an animated GIF.