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The 4 NFC East teams are ranked by how sad they are

NFC East has been one of the more entertaining divisions over the years. Each team in it has a heated…

NFC East has been one of the more entertaining divisions over the years. Each team in it has a heated rivalry with each other, and they have more Super Bowl wins than any other division in NFL, including the latest.

But this year it is not. All four teams have had their own matches this season – and all four have been a little chore to watch if we are honest.

As we enter the distance, the division is still busy. Only three matches distinguish the first place’s Cowboys from the fourth place giants. But two teams should have more confidence in their current direction, while the season has more or less changed to complete chaos for the other two.

Here are the NFC East sadness rankings, from least sad to sad.

Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

Motivation to Hope : Cowboy’s defense really starts to come together. During their current four-player game, they have made teams of just 1

8 points per game. This includes keeping the explosive New Orleans Saints crime to only 10 points – 24.9 points below its seasonality.

The Cowboys have one of the best young linebacker duos in the league with Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith who develop into breakthroughs this season. Add in edge rusher Demarcus Lawrence and cornerback Byron Jones and you get a defense that has dominant players on all three levels of defense.

They have spent a lot of vigilance on their defense in recent years and the young boys turn to elite talented as they were designed to be.

Dallas also has some cricketers in crime. At the tips, Dak Prescott can make games that move the chains and hit touchdowns in the red zone, but the backbone of this crime is Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott is currently second in the league and rushes behind Todd Gurley and has rushed for 100 yards in three of his last four games.

Amari Cooper is also blossoming with the cowboys. In a 31-23 victory over Washington on Thanksgiving, Cooper took eight passes for 180 meters and two touchdowns, including a 90-yard touchdown.

Cause of Despair : It is still hard to trust the crime at the moment. Even though the cowboys have won four games in a row, they have only eclipsed 30 points once, which came in thanksgiving. Prescott is streaky, but he puts together a pretty strong game against the Saints.

There are also questions about whether a crash caused by the return can still make a deep run in the afterseason. Elliott is only in his third season with the team, but Dallas has not yet won a playoff game since he elaborated the fourth overall.

Sadness ranking : 3/10. It’s not too much to be upset right now if you’re a fan of Dallas Cowboys, except maybe the increased job security of Jason Garrett. After starting 2-3, the cowboys are now 7-5 and have won five of their last seven games.

Motivation to Hope : They can win any bet if Carson Wentz is called and plays to the top of his capacity. Wentz has not been as dominant as he was in 2017 before his ACL tear season, but at best he is still as good as any quarterback in the league.

In the 10 games that Wentz has started this year, he finishes with a rating of over 100 in six of them. He has scored a minimum of 98 in eight of his 10 matches. Even with some of the red zone problems that the eagles have had this year, they are still a hard crime to end when Wentz is at the top of his game.

Cause of Despair : Eagles secondary is a cause of concern right now. Ronald Darby and Rodney McLeod are injured. Cornerbacks Sidney Jones, Avonte Maddox, Rasul Douglas and Jalen Mills have all treated injuries this year as well.

When the Saints struck down the eagles 48-7 in Week 11 they showed us they might not have the horses in the secondary to accompany some of the more explosive crimes in the NFL. They still have to play on the road to Los Angeles Rams and at home against Houston Texans, both of which will test their limits as a defense when they hit the end of the season.

Sadness ranking : 5/10. The book is not closed at all for the reigning Super Bowl champs. If they can win next week in Dallas, they will be tied at 7-6 with cowboys on top of NFC East. Unfortunately, it’s tougher with Rams and Texans in back-to-back weeks. With the two teams lurking on the Eagles schedule, the game against Cowboys is a must to give Philly a little space.

Washington (6-6)

Motivation to Hope : Well there is not much to be optimistic about in Washington, but the team is still tied to second place in the NFC East with the eagles. They have lost three games in a row to get to 6-6, but mathematically they still have a chance. If their front seven can take over a few games down the stretch, they will at least have a fighter chance to win some games.

It helps all remaining games at least see winnable – even with Mark Sanchez on the quarterback. Adrian Peterson also helps; He does not have his youth’s dominance and consistency, but he has an instant of brilliance in the field . Washington plays the giants, then it has a two-way road trip to the Jaguars and Titans, and then the team finishes the season home to Philadelphia. Washington is unlikely to win all these games, but at least it should be competitive when the season closes.

Cause of Despair : They have been decimated by injuries this year. Washington has lost Alex Smith, Brandon Scherff, Paul Richardson, Robert Kelley, Derrius Guice and Shaun Lauvao for the season. They also lost reserveback quarterback Colt McCoy and protect Jonathan Cooper from seasonal injury in their Eagles Monday evening. It’s only hard to maintain a winning football style with so many key players on damaged reserves.

Sadness ranking : 9/10. It will be difficult for Washington to get back on track right now, when the team is down to its third (and butt fumble-y) quarterback. With Philadelphia and Dallas far more stable on crime, Washington is likely to climb back to the top of the division narrow.

New York Giants (4-8)

Motivation to Hope : They can still land a top five pick! Although they have won three of their last four games, the Giants have pretty much no chance of making the final play this point – ESPN’s football impact index gives them less than 0.1% chance of making the fall season.

But with just a few losses they will be in the top position to select Eli Manning’s successor – a quarterback like Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins or Oregon Justin Herbert, if they declare.

Despair of Despair : Their new winners can beat them out of the five biggest throws. After an overtime win against Bears, the giants currently own number 7 in 2019 NFL Draft. With Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham, the giants have the ultimate skill that makes life difficult for most opponents – now it’s time to give them a quarterback. Some more losses can secure it, but they have work (read: losing) to do.

Sadness ranking : 10/10. The 2018 season is dead, but hello, the offseason launches the wildest dreams of perfect acquisition and future success. There is something to look forward to.

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