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The 3D drawings in augmented reality and the Boomerangs will soon reach Facebook

The 3D drawings in augmented reality and the Boomerangs will soon reach Facebook

In spite of being going through one of the most difficult moments of its history, on Facebook they do not stop working for a minute . Even with the testifications of Mark Zuckerberg before the recent congress, the social network is ready to deploy new features for your mobile app , and today we have been able to know them in more detail.

Just like have discovered in TechCrunch , the Facebook application for mobile phones will debut soon two new tools for the Stories : the first, the three-dimensional drawings in augmented reality , and on the other hand, an old man known to Instagram users as is the short video clip in format Boomerang .

3D drawings and Boomerangs, the latest news from Facebook Stories

At this point, we should all know the Boomerangs . It is a tool that allows you to record short clips of videos based on a series of photographs, which will be played in a loop indefinitely. This type of videos, will soon be integrated into Stories From Facebook .

On the other hand, we find another feature that really is a novelty for the Facebook platform. From now on, users of the social network will be able to access a new augmented reality mode through the Stories, which allows make drawings in the air in 3D , which will be floating indefinitely. This system reminds us of what We already saw in the Just to Line application of Google.

Apparently, Facebook has used image recognition software that adjusts the user’s drawings to the environment , so that the sketches remain static at the same point, even though the user moves the camera of the disopsitive.

At the moment, Facebook has not specified a date for the arrival of these two characteristics, beyond ensuring that will be available to all users of the social network in the coming weeks . We will keep you informed about any new developments.

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