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The 3 keys of the new OnePlus 6

[embedded content] Today, after many rumors and a long wait, we have met the new OnePlus 6 . He Flagship…

Today, after many rumors and a long wait, we have met the new OnePlus 6 . He Flagship Killer comes, as every year, to burst the high-end market offering the best of the best at a price much lower than its competition. There are many sales arguments that the firm of Carl Pei has offered us to buy your device, but in this article you will know the three that, in our opinion, have greater importance and relevance.

Before continuing we invite you to, if you have not seen it yet, go through the OnePlus 6 presentation article . There you have the three arguments that you will read below, as well as all the information about the device. That which, Will it be worth the OnePlus 6? What makes it different from the rest of the range stops? Lets go see it.

The keys of the OnePlus 6

The best of the best in components …

The 3 keys of the new OnePlus 6

One of the differential factors of all the devices ofthey were the components, and in the OnePlus 6 it was not going to be less. He Flasgship Killer comes, in its “lighter” version, with 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64 GB of UFS 2.1 2-LANE storage , all accompanied, of course, the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and the Adreno 630 GPU . This means that, at least on paper, the OnePlus 6 is a 30% faster than its predecessor with SD 835 and 10% more efficient in terms of autonomy . The battery is 3,300 mAh , compatible with Dash Charge.

If we go to the most powerful version, we will find 8 GB of RAM, also LPDDR4X, the same processor and 256 GB of storage.

The screen of the device is 6.28 inches with Full Optic AMOLED technology and 19: 9 aspect ratio (and yes, it has notch, everything has to be said). Its camera, of double lens, incorporates two sensors (16 megapixels f / 1.7 the main one, 20 megapixels the secondary one). The first one is 19% larger than the previous model , it has OIS stabilizer and, in addition, it comes with portrait mode and Smart Capture, two technologies that will make taking pictures a pleasure. In a few words: under the hood you will absolutely not miss anything.

… in an operating system worthy of admiration …

Another positive point for the OnePlus 6 is that, unlike other brands, is still betting on an experience very similar to Android Puro . Comes with Android 8.1 Oreo factory installed (susceptible to be updated to Android P) and its customization layer is again Oxygen OS. It is a “Refined version of Android” that brings some interesting additions like the gestural navigation, gaming mode, interaction through gestures on the screen off, dark mode, an application blocker and even a reading mode .

Taking Android Pure by flag is synonymous with a full Android experience.

Beyond these additions, what is really interesting is the stock experience . Android, as we have talked on more than one occasion, works perfectly when you do not change more than the account. This speeds up updates, improves performance and makes the user experience very satisfying . You already know that in Andro4all we like Android Pure and what it offers, and OnePlus is a good example of how this thesis works. In summary, it can be said that you have top components with an operating system top . What more could you ask for? That is not very expensive, right? Well, read the next point.

… at a much lower price

The 3 keys of the new OnePlus 6

The 3 keys of the new OnePlus 6

This is what we liked the OnePlus 6, by far. While it is true that the firm has raised prices over the years (remember that the first OnePlus went on sale for just over 250 euros), the new OnePlus 6 does not add to the fashion of the thousand euros , If not the opposite. You can get the OnePlus 6 of 6 + 64 GB for only 519 euros ($ 529) . This is a price that competes one on one with other giants of the industry, whose devices range between 700 and 1,000 euros.

How many high range do you know that offer so much for so little?

The most interesting thing, what it really is to take off your hat, is that the most powerful model, that of 8 + 256 GB of memory, costs only 619 euros . The most “massive” model, which possibly everyone buys, which will be 8 + 128 GB, costs 569 euros. The three prices are laughable considering 1) what it offers and 2) how the market is. The price is the decisive factor when carrying out a purchase, and OnePlus knows it. We still have to prove it and see how it behaves on a day-to-day basis, but we believe that this will be the phone to buy in 2018 . Only time will tell.


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